Monday, 21 March 2016

KIKO Milano Eyebrow Fibers

For someone with a thick pair of brows, a good quality setting gel is an absolute must, a spritz of hairspray on a spoolie just wont cut it. I was in my local shopping centre and I notice a KIKO milano shop had opened, so naturally I sauntered in. If I'm being honest I didn't need a new brow gel, I had a couple on the go in my makeup stash, but for some reason or another I ended up purchasing it...whoops.
I chose shade 'Deep Brunettes', this being the darkest next to black, it is a fraction too warm, however I never wear it alone so I can just about pull it off. The spoolie applicator is one of the biggest I have ever witnessed in a brow gel, so if you have thin eyebrows, or even thin brow hairs you will need an incredibly light hand. It is also a very basic spoolie design, think disposable mascara wand, which is a shame. 

The product it's self is really good, I'm a fan of feathery brows and it does hold my hairs in gravity defining, obscure angles. For a firmer hold, which I prefer, I need two layers and I'm set for the whole day. The consistency is very thin, so I don't understand why KIKO have branded this as 'Brow Fibres' because there isn't a single fibre in mine, as you can see from the above close up.

For £7.20 I expected a lot more out of this product, but all in all it is a good, basic eyebrow gel. But if your looking for a wear alone, plumping formula this is not the product for you,

Have you tried this product?

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