Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Clarisonic Aria

Over Christmas and New Year I was ill and unable to take advantage of the huge in-store savings and sales, but Sinusitis did not stop me from ordering a few purchases online, the Clarisonic Aria being one of them. I have wanted one of these babies for a while, but I always knew they were extremely pricey, but with the mammoth savings I managed to snap one up for a fraction of the price.

After an hour or so scouring every beauty website know to man I managed to bag myself the 'Clarisonic Aria Winter Lace Kit' for £100, this included 2 free brush heads - bargain. If like me you do not mind what your Clarisonic looks like, you'll be able to bag yourself a ex-limited edition colour for a fraction of the price. But to be quite honest I love the silver snow flake pattern and it matches my bathroom - bonus.

I have used this little beauty twice a week for 2 months, and I have noticed a vast improvement in the texture of my skin. The larger pores and textured area surrounding my nose has markedly improved, and the patch of irritating flaky skin around my forehead is a thing of the past. I apply an exfoliating face mask, allow it to do it's magic and then wash it off with my Clarisonic. Afterwards I am left with skin so soft it rivals a new born babies.

The Aria has 3 speed settings, and when used with the appropriate head, can be used on your body, this I  haven't tried, as a shower puff is a lot cheaper and quicker in my opinion. I use mine on the fastest setting, and this has no issue breaking through a full face of makeup, or tackling a face mask. If I was to use it daily I would choose the lowest speed setting as not to irritate and strip the naturals oils from my skin.

I purchased my Clarisonic Aria from Current Body for £100

Who else has tried a Clarisonic?

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