Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Gel Manicure at Home with Essence Cosmetics

In a previous life a gel manicure was monthly must have, however I grew tiresome of my gorgeous £20 treat lasting at a push two weeks. Since kicking my gel habit I have had rather unloved nails for quite some time, so I began looking into at home gel kits. With Christmas just around the corner I couldn't justify splashing out on a £70 kit, so I bought myself a budget kit from Essence Cosmetics.
Unfortunately having your own gel kit does not guarantee a salon quality manicure as yo8/`1u can tell by my ragged cuticles. I must admit I hadn't treated myself to a relaxing pamper session when I painted my nails, I painted each layer in between stirring a home made I had simmering on the hob.

The Essence Gel Nail polish's come in a handy trio, a clear base coat, the pop of colour, and lastly the top high gloss clear coat, which cost a total of £6.60. The gel polish was extremely easy to apply, and I gave each layer a good 3 minutes to dry, I applied two layers of each polish, and was left with a smooth, glossy and most importantly, even appearance.

I am extremely heavy handed, and regular polish chips with a day, if not on the day of application, so I was thrilled when the Essence Gel Nail polish lasted a whopping 7 days.

Don't get me wrong, I could never replace a good manicure with a at home version, however I will be saving my money and reserving a luxury gel manicure for special occasions.

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