Monday, 14 December 2015

Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eyeliner

Recently an Avon brochure got shoved under my nose, and the beauty obsessive in me could not help but browse the pages. I while ago I got into eyeliner pens after trying the Essence Superfine eyeliner pen - link here but it had recently ran out, so naturally I replaced it.
The Mega Affects eyeliner has a duo application nib, so you can create a thin precise flick, or thick bold Adele style line. I typically use the thinner nib for creating my wing and lining my eye, I then flick it over to the thicker end and fill everything in and make it super black. I find the nib extremely easy to use, its a stiffened felt feeling material, so it glides easily across my eyes without dragging. The colour pay off is not as good as a gel or a standard liquid, it can appear slightly watery, so sometimes I do have to apply two layers.

The price I thought was quiet steep for a catalogue, however it turned out to be included in an offer so I only paid £3.25, the usual price is £6.50.

This pen would be ideal for someone who struggles creating a wing as the straight nib makes it fool proof. You can watch my easy eyeliner tutorial here.

Have you tried any makeup from Avon?

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Eye Cream on a Budget

There was once a time my peepers could not be with out Benefit's 'It's Potent' eye cream, but the hefty £25.50 price tag soon got me looking else where. I was causally browsing the shelves of Boots a couple of years back, and picked up their own brand Simply Sensitive eye cream as a cheap 'inbetween' product until I could research other brands. It came as a surprising shock when it became apparent that this eye cream was perfect for my peepers.

My under eyes are quite frankly on a whole new level of sensitivity, even the slightest hint of perfume in an eye cream or makeup remover makes them sting, turn pink and if I am really lucky puff up slightly, so a sensitive cream is a must have for me. The Boots 'Simply Sensitive' cream has a thin texture which is easily absorbed without leaving a slick residue. It contains calming aloe vera, and is also scent free hence it's appeal to me. If my eyes are particularly sore, I will place the tube in fridge for 5 minutes or so before applying, and it feels extremely soothing.

The price is bound to make any bargain hunter happy, it is currently priced at £1.44 in the Boots Christmas offers, the usual price is £2.89.

What's your favourite budget eye cream?

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bloodline Liquid Lipstick

 Anastasia Beverly Hills is a house hold name amongst all eyebrow aficionados, but in the past year her once eyebrow exclusive empire has expanded to allow for other coveted makeup items. I was luck enough to have 'Bloodline' liquid lipstick purchased for me by a friend from the Big Apple, and it's safe to say I have been rocking hot orange lips ever since.
Swatch of Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Bloodline' Liquid Lipstick

For all you regular readers, you'll know I adore liquid lipsticks, I have a sizeable collection which features at least 9 or 10 shades of seemingly identical but all differing shades of red, my most favourite been a hot coral red. I must admit looking at all the swatches online I thought Bloodline was slightly darker and vampier, but I am still over the moon with the colour. The shade is not too far from a tomato red, with plenty of orange undertones it definitely airs on the warmer side. 

Now for the most important part, the formula. It glides easily onto the lips with a standard doe foot applicator, once left to cure for a minute or so it is set for the foreseeable, and not a thing will budge it. I wore this recently on a girls night out, I applied it whilst waiting for a taxi around 9pm, and it was still going strong when I eventually collapsed in bed around 3am. It dries completely matte, it can be slightly drying like any matte liquid lipstick, but feel comfortable and easy to wear.

The only question left is which shades do I order next?

* I was planning on blogging everyday during the festive period, however I had to suck it up and be an adult last week to finish decorating my living room before Christmas, so that kinda got in the way, but I am now fully on track for blogging everyday *

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Gel Manicure at Home with Essence Cosmetics

In a previous life a gel manicure was monthly must have, however I grew tiresome of my gorgeous £20 treat lasting at a push two weeks. Since kicking my gel habit I have had rather unloved nails for quite some time, so I began looking into at home gel kits. With Christmas just around the corner I couldn't justify splashing out on a £70 kit, so I bought myself a budget kit from Essence Cosmetics.
Unfortunately having your own gel kit does not guarantee a salon quality manicure as yo8/`1u can tell by my ragged cuticles. I must admit I hadn't treated myself to a relaxing pamper session when I painted my nails, I painted each layer in between stirring a home made I had simmering on the hob.

The Essence Gel Nail polish's come in a handy trio, a clear base coat, the pop of colour, and lastly the top high gloss clear coat, which cost a total of £6.60. The gel polish was extremely easy to apply, and I gave each layer a good 3 minutes to dry, I applied two layers of each polish, and was left with a smooth, glossy and most importantly, even appearance.

I am extremely heavy handed, and regular polish chips with a day, if not on the day of application, so I was thrilled when the Essence Gel Nail polish lasted a whopping 7 days.

Don't get me wrong, I could never replace a good manicure with a at home version, however I will be saving my money and reserving a luxury gel manicure for special occasions.

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