Monday, 7 September 2015

Rimmel London 'Good to Glow' Liquid Highlighter

Rimmel London Soho Glow Good to Glow Liquid Highlighter
I always seem to have one product lurking in my makeup stash which I adore, but some how completely overlook when writing reviews. Recently my complexion has been near perfect, so I've opted for a lighter coverage foundation with a touch Rimmel London's 'Soho Glow' highlighter.

'Soho Glow' gives you a subtle sun kissed look, which doesn't leave you with a tell tale tide mark around your jawline. The formula contains zero shimmer or glitter particles, it is just an incredibly gorgeous metallic bronze shade. The colour is extremely buildable, but my pale complexion can only handle one layer before it starts to look artificial and fake tan like. On days where I want to achieve a glowing and luminous complexion I mix a small amount with my usual Smash Box Photo Finish primer, and also with my foundation, Again this does not change the colour of my foundation, but gives my skin a metallic and luminous finish.
Swatch Rimmel London Soho Glow Good to Glow Liquid Highlighter
The formula is gel like and provides no moisture which is perfect for those with oiler skin types. On hotter days, which is now a distant memory, I replaced my usual primer for 'Soho Glow', and really cut down on shine break through.

The Good to Glow range has a choice of three shades, 'Soho Glow' which I have, 'Piccadilly Glow' which appears a soft salmon and 'Notting Hill Glow' which is a soft silver pink and is on the top of my wishlist. Each highlighter cost £4.99 which is an absolute steal compared to other liquid highlighters on the market.

Have you tried any products from the 'Good to Glow' range?

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