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Essence 'Soo Glow' Cream to Powder Highlighter

Essence Soo Glow Cream to Powder Highlighter
Recently I have been loving cream products, I much prefer the way they look and feel on my skin compared to dehydrating powders. When I saw that Essence, my new favourite affordable brand, offered several cream to powder formula highlights, I had to give them a try. I chose to buy only one, just to see how the cream formula suited my skin type, after using it for many a moon, I am now more than excited to expand my collection and share my thoughts.
Essence Soo Glow Cream to Powder Highlighter Swatch
The packaging, much like all Essence products is clear plastic, not minimally chic, just plain olde minimal, however the price is right so you cannot grumble too much. It holds 4 gram of highlighter, I am not sure if this is more, less or industry standard, all I know is I have been using this on and off for several weeks and only just started to make a dint in the product.

The formula is purely divine, it soft and creamy, the formula melts like butter under your fingers and blends into your skin to leave an untraceable glow. The formula, like most cream to powder formulations does not set like a powder product would, it definitely dries, but it isn't moisture sapping. To make this product last all day, I lightly dust the areas applied with a small layer of a complementing illuminating powder.

I chose to start my collection with the beautiful pearlescent shade, 'Look on the Bright Side'. This does at first glance look very harsh and intimidating, however once applied to the skin it looks so beautiful. This shade looks similar to MAC 'Lightscapade' Mineralise Skin Finish once blended onto the skin. The texture is very light, and doesn't look cakey, or enhance any flaws what so ever. Some cream products can give me texture, by this I mean small under the skin imperfections not a full on breakout, but with this product I haven't had that. My prefered method of application is with my fingers, I like to melt the product onto my skin with the warmth of my fingers, then precisely blend in with a small stippling brush. 

There are two shades in this range 'Look on the Bright Side', which I have and 'Bright up your Life' which is a warmer shade with a hint of pastel pink. They cost a mere £2.80, and are available at Wilkinson's here - which is where I purchased mine.

What are your thoughts on the Essence cream to powder highlights?

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