Tuesday, 16 June 2015

LUSH Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Honey I Washed My Hair, New, Montalbano, Big Solid Conditioner Bars
Top - Bottom | 'Big' Solid Conditioner Bar | 'Montalbano' Shampoo Bar | 'New' Shampoo Bar
'Honey I Washed My Hair' Shampoo Bar

Many a moon ago I made the switch to 100% natural hair care, to repair the hair I had, and nurture the hair growing. After using hair oils for months, I stumbled upon LUSH solid shampoo and conditioner bars. I sort of always knew they existed, however I had completely forgot about them. After using them for a couple of months, it's safe to say I am completely hooked. Up to now I have used four of the LUSH shampoo bars, and two conditioner bars, so this is a general review of the products, rather than a specific bar review.

The bars are 100% foolproof, you simply wet your hair and rub the bar around the edges of your hair, then lather up with your hands, rinse and repeat. The conditioner bar is quick and easy, simply pull your hair to one side, and run the bar through the ends of your hair, massage with your palms, leave it a few minutes, then rinse and enjoy your squeaky clean hair. I leave my hair to dry naturally and my curls have never looked so good, and the best thing... zero frizz. I have waist length, thick wavy hair, and I have no issues using these.

These bars can get slightly messy when not in use, so after you've washed your hair, pat dry with a towel and pop in a plastic tub until you need them again. My advice, do not buy the tins they provide, they are over priced and work no better than a small Tupperware container.

These bars at first seem quite pricey, but me and my boyfriend get through one shampoo and conditioner bar every two months, and I now have no need for leave in conditioners and styling products. So far I have made a huge monthly saving, all which can be spent on more fun things.

The solid shampoo bars cost £5.75, and the conditioner bars range from £3.50 - £9.00.

I'm currently using, 'Honey I Washed my Hair' Shampoo and 'Big' Conditioner.

Have you tried LUSH solid shampoo and conditioner bars?

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