Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Beauty UK Cream Contour Palette

I've recently got into cream products, and I have been after a budget cream contour palette for a while now. I found this hidden gem in Superdrug for less than a fiver. It does not have the shade range that other contour palettes give, but a for drug store product its perfect if your new to cream contouring.
 Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette | £4.99

The packaging is not ideal, cream contour pans in a hardened cardboard - its a recipe for messiness. It does not have the chic and sleek look like the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette I had my eye on, but for £4.99 I cannot grumble too much.

The formula is slightly hard, and can feel drying on application, a small drop of facial oil usually loosens the formula and gives my skin an extra boost of moisture. The bronzing shade is very warm and orange toned, so I stay clear, but the contour and highlight shade work perfectly on my skin tone. For those with darker skin tones, I can see the contour been very subtle and the highlight been too stark, but for £4.99 it's worth trying out.

I much prefer working with cream products as I find them less drying on my skin, but if you have oily skin you might need to set the cream with a light dusting of powder.

Have you tried the Beauty UK Contour Palette?

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