Tuesday, 30 June 2015

And that was June...

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Here a few of the things I have blogged about during June, click on the links below to read the full posts.

Which post was your favourite?

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer
When I placed my first order with Make Up Revolution, I had to try some of their lip products, so I popped two candy pink lip lacquers in my basket. I hadn't heard any hype around these lip products, so I wasn't sure on what to expect.
Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer
 Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Laquer Keep Crying For You You Took My Love
Makeup Revolution Velvet Laquer | 'Keep Crying For You' | 'You Took My Love' | £3.00

The packaging isn't my favourite, it looks and feels cheaper quality, having a frosted tube and matte lid would have made the rose gold lettering pop, and made it just that more chic and stylish. I know this is not something that everyone will wish for, but the beauty blogger in me can't help but mention it.

On my first ever application I had this image in my head of it looking and feeling extremely dry and going lumpy, but I was happily proven wrong. Having said that the formula is thicker than any liquid lipstick I've ever used, it will take a good couple of minutes to fully set and go matte, but once it dries it is there for the long haul, and trivial activities such as eating and drinking will not budge it.

The colour range is aimed at the colour lovers, there are two shades, that are more toned down, but the rest are extremely bright and intense, so there might not be something for everyone. However with Summer right around the corner, there's no better time to experiment with playful colours.

You can buy Salvation Velvet Laquers from Makeup Revolution here

What are your thoughts on the Velvet Lacquers?

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Essence 'Make Me Brow' Eyebrow Gel Mascara

I was in the market for a new brow gel, and I saw this one by Essence and I wondered how it would compare to it's obvious rival - Benefit's Gimmie Brow. And for £2.50 I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to find out.

The packaging rivals the Benefit 'Gimmie Brow', however it lacks something that 'Gimmie Brow' has, and sadly looks quite cheap, but when the product is fantastic it doesn't matter if the packaging falls short. The teeny tiny wand makes application a breeze, and doesn't coat any of my unwanted fine hairs. It's wide enough to coat the hairs, nearest the bridge of my nose,  upwards and thin enough to run it through the tail of my brow.

The pigmentation of this gel is insane, sadly I deleted my swatches off my camera before I uploaded them, so I don't have any now, but I will update this post on Friday with the swatches. The pigmentation can sometimes take me by surprise especially if I am too heavy handed with the wand. The formula is thin is consistency, and sets like glue, seriously your brows would survive gale force winds. This, much like Gimmie Brow, sadly only comes in two shades, so it might not be the perfect product for everyone.

This brow gel has become a fast favourite brow product and I use it on a daily basis, and for £2.50 its a complete and utter bargain. Yet again another product from Essence which has blown me away, this brand is becoming one of my favourites at the drugstore.

Have you tried the Gimmie Brow Rival?

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jordana Easyliner Lip Pencil

Jordana Easy Liner Silver Lilac Baby Berry
2015, for myself is shaping up to be the year of the lip pencils, my collection has pretty much quadrupled this year. I have expensive pencils, and some damn right cheap ones, and these today land smack bang in the outrageously affordable price range. At £1.58 these are unbelievable quality that everyone can afford.
Jordana Easy Liner Silver Lilac Baby Berry
Jordana Easy Liner Silver Lilac Baby Berry
Left - Silver Lilac | Right - Berry Baby | £1.58

The product comes house in a retractable pencil form, meaning sharpening is a thing of the past, which for me if great as I often leave lip products scattered throughout my bags and often find them weeks later blunt and unusable. The colour selection is beautiful, there are 15 in total, ranging from cute berry shades, to punchy tomato red shades. The price is on point, at £1.58, these are some of the cheapest lip pencils I have come across. It is always a worry that the quality will be second thought with more affordable products, however I was relieved to see Jordana created an amazing all round product. The formula is creamy and applied easily without tugging at the skin, the slightly pointed end makes application precise and clean, and the extensive colour selection means there's guaranteed to be a shade made for you.

I purchased my Jordana Easy Liners from Beauty Joint - my only regret is not purchasing more!

Have you tried anything from Jordana?

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Five Pay Day Wants With Kiko Cosmetics

Double Deco Blush Mosaic Highlighter Modern Trie Face Brush Skin Evolution Foudation Cool Touch Eyeshadow
If you've ever written a review post on Kiko, the chances are I have left a comment saying I am yet to try anything from the brand. Unbeknown to myself, I have been on a spending ban of sorts, it wasn't until recently that I realised that I had been spending my money on my upcoming kittens, and I hadn't bought anything beauty related for a while.

I thought I would share the products I have my eye on for a small pay day treat.

Double Deco Blush 'Doral' // £8.90
I love the duo shades in this compact, I love baby pink blushes for Summer, and this compact has two gorgeous pastel pink shades.

Mosaic Highlighter // £10.40
I saw this an thought it looked the perfect every day easy neutral highlight, the multicoloured shades look like they would work gorgeously together to give a natural glow.

Modern Tribe Face Brush // £10.40
I have never seen a brush like this, but it looks as though it would make bronzing an absolute breeze. The unique shape looks super easy to use, and the price isn't bad either.

Skin Evolution Foundation // £12.90
Sometimes I feel as though my foundation magnifies any areas of texture on my skin, the formula of this foundations sounds very smoothing and skin evening.

Cool Touch Eyeshadow // £6.20
This product completely baffles me, a water based eye shadow? I really want to see how this works, and what the pigmentation is like.

What do you recommend from Kiko?

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Friday, 19 June 2015

It Really Works - the Healthy Hair & Nail Daily Vitamin

It Really Works Vitamins
Image from It Really Works Offical Website

I was recently contacted by Fortuna, a lovely lady who started her own company, catering to all beauty and health addicts. She has created 'It Really Works' a vitamin and supplement which is uniquely tailored to increase nail and hair strength, vitality and overall goodness. It is jam packed with all the good stuff your body craves to produce healthy and happy nail and hair growth. A 28 day supply will cost you £33.79, and a 90 day supply £86.17, which does seem a lot to pay at once, but in comparison to similar products available it is cheaper.

If you are sceptical about taking 'It Really Works', Fortuna offers a 90 day money back guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied you can get a refund, which shows the faith Fortuna has in her product. Fortuna has kindly sent me a months supply of her vitamins to try for myself, and share the results with you - so watch this space.

I'm especially curious to see how this will improve my nails, as they bend and snap very frequently, and I often have to get them gelled to prevent painful breakages. I currently have no gel on at the minute, so now is the perfect time to trial 'It Really Works'.

I was kindly sent 'It Really Works' as a PR sample, any opinions I give regarding my results, at a later date, will be my own. I gain no incentive from you purchasing 'It Really Works'.


Lip Products I Always Find in my Bag

Collection Cosmetis Cream Puff NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I am a repeat offender for popping the same lip products in my bag and carrying them everywhere. Shades that are so versatile and complimentary to any make up look that I cannot be without them, and today I share my secret shades.

NYX  Soft Matte Lip Cream // Instanbul // £7.00
I have made it no secret that the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, they are amongst my favourite and greatest lip products of all time. However it is the shade Istanbul that I frantically rummage through my bags for on a weekly basis. I know these products are extremely hard to get your mits on if you live in the UK, I buy mine from Beauty Joint - link here

MAC Lipstick // Hot Gossip // £15.50 // Review Here
I am not one for flesh tone nudes, to me a perfect nude is the elusive my lip but better shade, and 'Hot Gossip', for me, is just that.

Rimmel Provocalips // I'll Call You // £6.99
This is a gorgeous baby pink shade, which adds a pop of colour to any makeup look, without fighting to be the main focus of your face.

Collection Cosmetics Cream Puff Lip Cream // Cotton Candy // £2.99 // Review Here
This is a pretty darn good dupe for the NYX 'Istanbul' Soft Matte Lip Cream, you can never have too many of the same shade lipstick, especially one as gorgeous as this.

What lip products do you carry everywhere?

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Essence Effect Long Lasting Eyeliner

Essence Effect Long Lasting Eyeliner
It seems like a life time ago that I ventured into the world of Essence Cosmetics. I had heard repeatedly positive things about the brand, and after seeing their products on the Wilkinson's website I placed my first order. These gorgeous and vividly bright kohl eyeliners where amongst the products I purchased, I thought they would be perfect for creating fun pop of colour makeup looks for Summer.
Essence Effect Long Lasting Eyeliner
Essence Effect Long Lasting Eyeliner Silver Surfer Gold Digger Steel Smurf Metal Phantom
Left - Right | Silver Surfer | Gold Digger | Steel Smurf | Metal Phantom | £1.00

These bargain pencils, cost only £1.00 each, which is perfect if you do not want to wear them daily. The formula is extremely creamy and easy to work, they blend delightfully and provide the perfect base to layer an eyeshadow over the top.

The only negative I have to say is, 'Metal Phantom' is advertised as a vivid cerise pink, when in actual fact it is a violet purple, so bear this in mind if your interested in buying. Other than that I am extremely happy with these eyeliners, they are amazing quality for a quid.

I use these for smudging under my lower lash line, and then I set it in place with a complimentary eye shadow for a fun colourful Summer makeup look.

What do you think to Essence Cosmetics?

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

LUSH Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Honey I Washed My Hair, New, Montalbano, Big Solid Conditioner Bars
Top - Bottom | 'Big' Solid Conditioner Bar | 'Montalbano' Shampoo Bar | 'New' Shampoo Bar
'Honey I Washed My Hair' Shampoo Bar

Many a moon ago I made the switch to 100% natural hair care, to repair the hair I had, and nurture the hair growing. After using hair oils for months, I stumbled upon LUSH solid shampoo and conditioner bars. I sort of always knew they existed, however I had completely forgot about them. After using them for a couple of months, it's safe to say I am completely hooked. Up to now I have used four of the LUSH shampoo bars, and two conditioner bars, so this is a general review of the products, rather than a specific bar review.

The bars are 100% foolproof, you simply wet your hair and rub the bar around the edges of your hair, then lather up with your hands, rinse and repeat. The conditioner bar is quick and easy, simply pull your hair to one side, and run the bar through the ends of your hair, massage with your palms, leave it a few minutes, then rinse and enjoy your squeaky clean hair. I leave my hair to dry naturally and my curls have never looked so good, and the best thing... zero frizz. I have waist length, thick wavy hair, and I have no issues using these.

These bars can get slightly messy when not in use, so after you've washed your hair, pat dry with a towel and pop in a plastic tub until you need them again. My advice, do not buy the tins they provide, they are over priced and work no better than a small Tupperware container.

These bars at first seem quite pricey, but me and my boyfriend get through one shampoo and conditioner bar every two months, and I now have no need for leave in conditioners and styling products. So far I have made a huge monthly saving, all which can be spent on more fun things.

The solid shampoo bars cost £5.75, and the conditioner bars range from £3.50 - £9.00.

I'm currently using, 'Honey I Washed my Hair' Shampoo and 'Big' Conditioner.

Have you tried LUSH solid shampoo and conditioner bars?

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Porcelain Queen Archives | MAC 'Soft & Gentle' Mineralise Skin Finish | #9

Click the links below to read the previous posts in the archives series  

Real Technique Brushes #4 | Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner #5
No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation #6 | Illamasqua Sealing Gel Review #7
Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation #8

For today's post I'll be looking back at one of my favourite Mineralise Skin Finish powders and seeing if I still feel the same. You can read the original review below

you can read the original review here

This was the first powder highlight I ever purchased and I wore it none stop until I purchased another, and another, and, well you feel me. I always think of this product as my 'holiday' highlighter, due to the golden, peach and orange tones. 'Soft & Gentle' makes a pretty eye shadow, making it a great space saver for travelling, or a time saver for when your in a rush.

This highlighter looks pretty intense in the pan, however the pay off is subtle and quite frankly beautiful. My skin is always complimented when I am wearing 'Soft & Gentle'. MAC do some gorgeous highlighting powders, and this is among one of my favourites.

I know there are an increasing amount of affordable highlighting powders available in the drugstore, but the quality and quantity of MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Powders is hard to beat. I have used this highlighter for around 18 months, and I am only just making a small dint in the product.

Who else loves MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Powders?

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Face B4 Four Week Skin Care Trial | The Results

Face B4 Anti Bacterial Face Wash And Anti Bacterial Serum
At the beginning of May I started a four week anti-bacterial skin care routine, since starting the trial I have posted two blog posts updating you on my progress, you can read them by clicking the links below.

I have completed my trial and then some, and I am lovin' the results, not only was my skin remarkably clear, any small imperfections I had laying below the skin slowly disappeared. I noticed that my skin felt taught after using the face wash, but this was soon soothed by applying the extremely hydrating serum. I initially thought the Ph of my skin had remained unaltered which disappointed me, but when I switched back to my old skin care I noticed within a day that Face B4 had combated some oiliness.

Although I really enjoyed using Face B4, I wish they offered more products, such as an exfoliator and a deep cleansing face mask.

The combination cleanser and toner anti-bacterial face wash retails at £14.99, and the serum, £9.99. Or if you buy both you can save yourself £7.49.

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Beauty UK Cream Contour Palette

I've recently got into cream products, and I have been after a budget cream contour palette for a while now. I found this hidden gem in Superdrug for less than a fiver. It does not have the shade range that other contour palettes give, but a for drug store product its perfect if your new to cream contouring.
 Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette | £4.99

The packaging is not ideal, cream contour pans in a hardened cardboard - its a recipe for messiness. It does not have the chic and sleek look like the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette I had my eye on, but for £4.99 I cannot grumble too much.

The formula is slightly hard, and can feel drying on application, a small drop of facial oil usually loosens the formula and gives my skin an extra boost of moisture. The bronzing shade is very warm and orange toned, so I stay clear, but the contour and highlight shade work perfectly on my skin tone. For those with darker skin tones, I can see the contour been very subtle and the highlight been too stark, but for £4.99 it's worth trying out.

I much prefer working with cream products as I find them less drying on my skin, but if you have oily skin you might need to set the cream with a light dusting of powder.

Have you tried the Beauty UK Contour Palette?

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Monday, 8 June 2015

June Wish List

Soap and Glory // Brow Archery // £10
I've used my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade for well over a year now, and now my brows are fuller and thicker I want a product which compliments them, rather than fills them in.

Morphe Brushes // Jumbo Badger Fan Brush // $10.99
I only have one fan brush at the minute and it is a budget ELF one, which has been washed and rewashed so many times it's lost shape, and quite frankly does not give me a precise application.

Kat Von D // Ink Liner - Nietzche // $19
I saw this liner on Instagram and I fell in love with the colour, I also want to try a pen style eyeliner.

NARS // Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Cruella // £19
I saw this whilst browsing the NARS website, I love the deep crimson red shade, and I do not have matte lipstick like this.

ASOS // Girly Crap Wash Bag // £17.99
I've wanted a cute plastic makeup bag for work for a while, but unfortunatly plastic makeup bags can look quite cheap, but this one looks perfect.

What are you wishing for this month?

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Eye Makeup of the Day | #3

Products Used //
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade - Chocolate
Makeup Geek E/S 'Pixie Dust', 'Mermaid' and 'Peacock'
Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette
Eldora Individual Lashes - I know these look 'clumpy' but I wanted to create an elven, fairy style look and I though these worked perfectly.

Sorry this is not a new makeup look, but I has you may have noticed I have been absent from blogging for two weeks. I have been busy decorating my living room, so my spare time has been taken up by sanding, painting and glossing. Blogging and YouTube takes up all my free time, so sadly I have not had time to create and photograph makeup looks.

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