Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Balm Nude'tude Palette | Swatches and Review

I cannot tell you how eager I have been to get this post...posted! I have had this gorgeous palette in my makeup stash for months. It's such an amazing and versatile palette and I find myself reaching for it more and more - even if it's just to use one or two of the shades.
Left - Right | Sassy | Snobby | Stubborn | Stand-offish

Sassy - pure white with a frosted finish - perfect for brightening and highlighting the inner corners
Snobby - soft and pale golden yellow - not quite a true gold
Stubborn - pale, cool peach with pink undertones and a frosted finish - the perfect 'every day' shade
Stand-offish - very pale beige with golden and tan under tones

Left - Right | Selfish | Sultry | Sophisticated | Seductive

Selfish - cool medium brown with grey undertones and a shimmer finish
Sultry - neutral medium brown - matte finish
Sophisticated - cool dark brown with grey undertones
Seductive - medium netural brown with golden undertones

Left - Right | Sexy | Silly | Serious | Sleek

Sexy - matte deep burgundy red with plum undertones - another of my favourite shades.
Silly - Dark neutral brown with flecks of gold - very similar to NARS Galapagos eyeshadow
Serious - True matte black which is very pigmented
Sleek - Neutral dark brown with a matte finish

This is a great 'all rounder' palette, the majority of the colours are neutral, with a few warm and cool ones thrown in. There's a great mix of frost, shimmer and matte finishes, so it makes creating day and night time looks super easy. Each shade is really creamy, some slightly powdery but nothing that effects the application. Each shade is as pigmented as the last, including the matte finishes, which is extremely unusual for a palette, as there's typically a below par shade thrown in the mix.

The packing is absolutely spot on, I love cardboard palettes, I find them so much easy to use than metal or plastic - which I feel can easily look cheap. The palette contains a full length mirror, which is extremely handy when travelling or doing your makeup on the go. The artwork on the palette is phenomenal, The Balm really put time into designing this palette and it shows!

My favourite shades are 'Selfish', 'Seductive', 'Sexy' and 'Silly', I love that none girly type of look they have and how dark and edgy they make my eyes look.

The price of this palette is competitive with some higher end brands, such as Benefit and Illamasqua, however I feel it is worth every penny. I paid £24 during a Feel Unique sale, the original price is £30 - websites like Feel Unique are always having sales so I'm sure you'll be able to pick this up at a discounted price.

What are your thoughts on the Nude'tude palette?

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