Wednesday, 29 April 2015

NARS Kabuki Ita Brush

NARS Ita Kabuki brush
I am sure that the NARS Kabuki ITA is one of the most popular and sought after brushes of all time. It has been branded as revolutionising contouring so anyone can use it to achieve Kim Kardashian style cheek bones.

When I first heard about this brush and the read the reviews I knew I had to have it, sadly it was out of stock everywhere in the UK, so like any beauty obsessive I put my name on every waiting list available, and patiently bided my time. After well over half a year I started nosing around for it, and was horrified to find it had been restocked with a ridiculously hefty price increase. At £43 I was put off by the price and was doubtful any brush could be worth that amount of money, so I put the brush to the back of my mind...until recently.

I found out a NARS counter had opened at a John Lewis in Sheffield City centre, and my love for this brush was reignited, so I took myself to town and checked it out.
NARS Ita Kabuki brush
NARS Kabuki ITA Brush £43

This is the most beautiful brush I have ever laid eyes on with a uniquely threaded and split handle design. The narrow brush is easy to use, hold and move comfortably around my face. The bristles are dense, and extremely soft and fluffy goat hair - I believe these are dyed as the colour ran slightly when washed.

This brush picks up and holds onto just the right amount of product making contouring easy peasy. The fluffy bristles make blending a dream, it blends as you swipe, making it fool proof. The shape of the bristles means you can use it with the bristles facing horizontally for a dramatic shaping contour, or with the bristles vertical for a soft and subtle bronzed look.

I have washed my brush several times and apart from the dye running from the bristles I have encountered zero problems. It lathers up like a dream with it being natural hair, and dries like new, providing you reshape it whilst wet, and lay it with the bristles suspended - I typically lay mine on a windowsill.

Although I was initially upset over the hike in price, it's all forgotten about now I have the coveted NARS Ita brush in my life.

What are your thoughts on this cult brush?
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