Saturday, 18 April 2015

Tips for Pulling off the Perfect Matte Lip

matte lipsticks
Matte lips are becoming astronomically popular, whether it be a lipstick, a pencil or a gloss - matte lips are everywhere. I myself am no stranger to the lure of a matte lip, and here are some tips I have learnt to pull of a perfectly matte pout.

Prep your lips //
Matte lip products are famously unforgiving of dry skin, so any minute imperfection soon becomes the first thing anyone sees when they look at you. There are a few ways you can prepare your lips for a matte product, but the end result is the same, you want smooth exfoliated lips. You can achieve this by investing in a LUSH Lip Scrub, or you could make your own using a concoction of olive oil and brown sugar - or if like me that turns your stomach, simply spend a few seconds gently massaging your lips when washing your face with exfoliator.

Do not over balm //
Applying a genourous amount of lip balm might seem the rationale choice, but this can alter the way the product sits on your lips, you don't want it sliding around and looking glossy. I like to apply a balm that will leave my lips feeling moisturised even when removed, for this I always choose Carmex - the Cherry scented one. I massage a good amount into my lips and pat away right before applying my chosen matte lip product.

Always use a base //
I have found using a matching or similar lip pencil as a base and to line your lips will result in a longer wear time. It makes any patchiness less noticeable, and makes removing the entire lip colour a hell of a lot easier, as the mate lip product has not soaked into your lips and stained them.

What are your secrets to a perfectly matte pout?
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