Sunday, 5 April 2015

March Beauty Favourites | YouTube

Here's my March Beauty Favourites...
 NARS Ita Kabuki Brush // £43
I knew I would love this brush before I ever saw or played around with it, I just had a feeling that it was worth the hype and it most definitely is. You can create a natural everyday contour or a really sharp cut your throat on those cheek bones contour.

This is the coolest bronzer I have ever seen in the drug store, its perfect for every day contour when you want something more natural.

I have really got back into this foundation it's so pretty for everyday wear, and will be amazing for Spring/Summer, where you want a dewy look without the extreme shine.

I cannot believe how cheap this blush is, and for the quality I would have happily paid £10 and over. You can really build up the pigment if you prefer a more rosy look, or apply it lightly for a natural look.

I love everything about this eyeshadow, from the colouring to the adorable mini NARS packaging. It shines taupe purple in some lighting and icy pink in others. It looks great packed in the inner corner of your eyes for a high impact highlight, gently washed over he lids for day time glam, or applied wet for a high intensity night time look.

I am obsessed with these lip products and the quality and price is outstanding. I've worn these none stop since I bought them.

These are the most amazing but irritating liquid lipsticks. I love how incredibly pigmented these are, but I hate how difficult they are to remove - wear them with caution!

What were your beauty and makeup favourites this month?
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