Saturday, 4 April 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Collection

I recently snagged the entire Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow collection, and I couldn't not share them with the world.

I hung on buying these when they were first released as the worry of a hefty import tax bill was weighing on my mind, then Marlena, the CEO of Makeup Geek started dropping hints about new shades being released for Spring so I hung on even longer, then finally the week they launched the new shades I placed my order.
Left - Right | In the Spotlight | Magic Act | Grand Stand | Flame Thrower | Mesmerized | Show Time

There are six stunning neutral shades in the collection, three everyday wearable, and three geared towards a more glam or night time appropriate look.

In The Spotlight - soft peachy, champagne
Magic Act - soft yellow gold
Grand Stand - mid toned brown with a hint of taupe
Fame Thrower - Coppery red, like a new shiny penny
Mesmerized - Taupe with a good amount of deep purple undertones
Show Time - Earthy brown with burgandy, red undertones
Left - Right | Caitlain Rose | Jester | Centre Stage | Houdini

These are definitely the more vibrant and playful shades of the range.

Catlain Rose - Bright, vibrant purple
Centre Stage - Bright royal blue with black undertones - depending on way it catches the light will look either a royal blue or navy black
Jester - Pale olive green with golden undertones
Houdini - Depp and dark teal green

These foiled eyeshadows are so intensely pigmented, no brighting base is needed, you do not need to apply them with a damp brush, they are simply stunning on their own. The formula is very unique, they have the feel and pigmentation of a cream product, but the blendability of a powder.

A single eyeshadow retails at $9.99 which is around £6.75, so a total and complete bargain. These come in individual pans, so you will need a Z-Palette, a MAC Pro palette, or a cheaper alternative, to house your shades in. I bought mine in the complete set which was $89, which is just slightly over £60, I did not have to pay import taxes on this order, it was delivered via the Royal Mail, within six days of me placing my order - yippee

Makeup Geek donate 100% of the money gained from Caitlain Rose to Batten's Disease Research and families affected by Batten's Disease - so not only are you gaining a beautiful product, your also donating towards a good cause.

What do you think to the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadow collection?
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