Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kiss Cosmetics Locked Lips | NEW BRAND

Kiss Cosmetics is a new brand on the beauty scene, with some gorgeous and exciting lip products. Kiss Cosmetics kindly sent me their lipstick locking 'Lip Lock' - *£3.50.

Kiss Cosmetics promise vibrant, original and exciting lip products, which will suit everyone's taste. There products are cruelty free, although I am unaware if they are Vegan.

The packaging is very petite, a small, clear, glass vial with a lock printed on the front. The applicator is similar to a nail polish applicator, with long, clear synthetic haired bristles designed to coat your lips with ease. For my first application I excitedly applied the product with the brush, this then resulted in my lipstick staining the bristles. Every application since then I have applied with my finger by patting on a thin layer, and it has worked perfectly. If you repeatedly apply with the brush I imagine it will colour the Lip Lock over time.

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this product, it had a pleasant cooling sensation whilst drying, once dried it doesn't feel drying or tight in the slightest, I find it extremely comfortable to wear. I does not leave been a residue or trace that you've applied it, it feels like applying water. I admittedly spent half the day in fear that my lipstick had faded terribly, as I was chatting and drinking from a water bottle all morning. Once dinner time came around I ran to the nearest mirror to inspect my lips and I was shocked to see my lips looked the exact same as when I applied the Locked Lips top coat.

I have tried this product with other lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks, and it works wonderfully on increasing the wear time and preventing fading. It also stops horrible patchiness and flakiness which matte lipsticks are commonly known for.

Locked Lips is available from Kiss Cosmetics from 29th April 2015.

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