Monday, 27 April 2015

How to Make your own Lip Colour | Mini Tutorial

Do you ever fancy trying a daring lip colour but don't want to part with the money on something you know you'll hardly wear - well this mini tutorial is perfect for you.

All you need for this method is a clear thickish lip balm, and an eyeshadow or pigment in your chosen colour. I chose to use a LUSH Charity Lip Balm, and Goldilux Pigment by Sugarpill - because who doesn't want gold lips?
how to make your own lipstick

Step One // find yourself a clean, none absorbent surface - you could always use a mixing tray, I use one that came with a Makeup Revolution Awesome Metal Eyeshadow.

Step Two // Scoop out a 'pea' sized amount of lip balm and place on your chosen mixing surface.

Step Three // Add a good amount of pigment, or eyeshadow to your lip balm and blend well with a synthetic lip brush - if you want more colour add more pigment/eyeshadow. If your chose eyeshadow is in a pan, scrap away a small amount with a clean knife, this is what I do - please don't chop off your fingers.

Step Four // Apply to your lips. If you want a matte finish, pull apart a piece of toilet roll so it's only one sheet thin, hold it to your lips and gently pat translucent powder over the toilet roll.

You can see some the lip art I created on my Instagram - click here
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