Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How to Foil a Pigment | Mini Tutorial

'Foiling' can be a mystifying word thrown around in the makeup world, but how do you actually foil a pigment? It is such an easy way to really maximise the opacity and intensify the colour pay off of a pigment. It is also a great method to use if you have a pigment which is not finely milled, such as Utopia by Makeup Geek - which is used for the tutorial.

You will need eye drops for this method, but fear not if you do not have any to hand, you can use a makeup setting spray such as Fix + or a sealing gel such as Ingot Duraline. Do not use water as this does not have the same effect and your pigment will break up and fall away from your lid.

Step One // Find yourself a clean, none absorbent surface, this could be the lid of the pigment packaging, a small mixing tray, etc. I always use the lid as it causes less mess.

Step Two // add one single drop of eye drops to your pigment and mix with a synthetic haired brush until you have a paste - depending on how much pigment you have you might need to add another drop.

Step Three // Apply an even layer to your eyes up to the crease, wait for it to dry slightly and then blend with your chosen crease colour.

Step Four // If you want even more intensity use your finger to pat unfoiled pigment over your lid whilst the foiled pigment is still tacky. 

I hope this helps :)
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