Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Collection Cream Puff Matte Lipsticks

I posted a few weeks ago about the Collection Cream Puff in Cotton Candy and how it was an amazing dupe for my beloved NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, now it's time these amazing lip products got their own review.

Left - Cotton Candy | Right - Fairy Cake

I spotted these whilst out shopping in Boots and was instantly drawn to the packaging, I thought they looked like NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, and when I opened to find the identical formula I practically jumped for joy. After some rummaging in the draws below the Collection stand, yes I am that person, I managed to snag the two pink shades from the range, Cotton Candy and Fairy Cake.

The packaging is more on the cute side rather than sleek and chic, however I think it works, especially with shade names like Fairy Cake. The applicator is a typical doe foot, this seems to be industry standard for liquid lipsticks, it gives you more precision when applying.

The formula is like no other, it feels like a whipped moose, very creamy in texture, that dries to a matte finish. Where this product differs from other matte lip products is in the finish, it appears matte but you can still rub your lips together without disastrous consequences. These products feel very moisturising and hydrating on the lips, you can apply them and not worry about any flaky dry patches on your lips. As the formula is so creamy you can apply coat after coat without it looking patchy and having the underneath layer break apart. The wear time on these is variable, if you eat and drink you'll need to top the colour up, but if not you'll get a 4-6 hours of perfect looking lips.

The colour range is poor, to put it politely, I would have loved to have seen a large selection of colours ranging from Tutti Fruity to Strawberry Shortcake, but sadly Collection only offer four shades, and two of those shades aren't my thang. Cotton Candy is a gorgeous your lip but better colour a slightly mauve bubblegum pink - its my favourite lip product at the minute and I cannot stop wearing it! Fairy Cake is a bright and fiery coral pink, which will look perfect during summer.

What do you think to these lip creams?
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