Monday, 30 March 2015

Products I've Used Up - Would I Repurchase? | #2

There is nothing more satisfying than using up makeup beauty products, but would you repurchase them?

L'Oreal True Match Powder // £8.19
I love this powder for setting my foundation, I do not set my concealer with this as it darkens the colour and defeats the purpose, but for setting my foundation it works incredibly. I've already repurchased this powder and making quite a dint in it.

Urban Decay Primer Potion // £16
I have so many of these primers laying around from all the palettes I have purchased over the years, and finally I managed to use an entire tube. This is the first primer I ever used and I have always loved it, I still have a few in the original packaging. I wont be repurchasing this any time soon because I have around five or six more waiting to be used.

Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream // £3.49
This is my favourite day eye cream, this is my second tube and I already have a repurchase still in its box waiting to be used. The formula is light weight and it soaks in rapidly leaving your delicate under eyes smooth and hydrated. I have extremely sensitive under eyes, This is one of only four skin care products I can use around my eyes without them burning and become painfully sore. I highly recommend this even if you do not have sensitive under eyes, because the formula is amazing.

Clinique High Lengths Mascara // £17.50
I love this mascara, more for the bottom lashes than the top as it has a comb wand which really seperates and lengthens your lashes, but I find it can sometimes weigh the top lashes down especially if it's a new tube. I haven't repurchased this as I have another one on the go and once that's run out I'll be trying the Bottom Lash Mascara.

JoJoba Oil // £5.00
This is one of my favourite carrier oils, I use it all the time when I oil my hair for a deep condition. It works amazingly with coconut, lavender and camomile for a nourishing and deeply hydrating hair mask. I have this on order at the minute from my favourite natural and organic online shop.

Clinique All About the Eyes // £42
This is my holy grail night eye cream I love the thick creamy formula and how nourshing it feels on my skin. I only used this at night as it takes a heck of long time to soak in so I found it suited better in my night time skin care. I havn't repurchased this eye cream as it's so damn expensive and its the only night eye cream I've ever used so I'm trying a few out at the minute to see whether there's cheaper alternatives.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara // £17.50
I always coat my lashes with asingle coat of this after applying my trusty YSL Shocking, it hold my curl in place all day and prevents any pesky transfer. I repurchased this a couple of weeks ago as I was worried I might run out and be without it. I'm sure there are hundreds of waterproof mascaras that do they exact same job but I know this works and I love it so I will always repurchase.

That's it for my recent product empties - I ran out of a lot of Clinique products at the same time!
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  1. Funny thing, I actually do the same thing with my Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara! I have tried a few of Clinique's mascaras and they have yet to dissapoint. Have you ever tried their bottom lash mascara?

    --rachel from

  2. I don't think Clinique can do a bad mascara, all the ones I've tried have been amazing. No I haven't, but I plan on buying it after I've used the High Lengths one up. I've heard its amazing - do you recommend it? x

  3. Yes that's what I have heard too. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it yet. I am dying to get it-- it is currently sitting in my Sephora cart.


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