Wednesday, 18 February 2015

MAC Hip 'N' Happy Lip Pencil

It's only recently that I've really gotten into lip pencils, they were regrettably a makeup step I skipped - silly me. Deep, dark, bright and vibrant lip colours really exaggerated my uneven lip shape so lip pencils have really become my best friend. I do not overdraw my lips at all I stick to my lip shape but I find they look a lot more even when traced with a lip pencil prior to applying lipstick.

As like many self confessed beauty hoarder I have a ton of lip products, so I need more universal lip pencils which suit a variety of my lipsticks - this is where MAC Cosmetics Hip 'N' Happy comes in.

This colour suits a lot of my neutral mid tone pinks, by this I mean half way between a nude and a fuchsia shade. This colour looks gorgeous when applied and providing my lips are nicely balmed before hand it boosts the staying power of the product applied over the top. However I have one issue with this lip pencil, it's a bloody faff to apply! I have another MAC Cosmetics lip pencil which is a Pro Longwear Pencil and it applys smoothly, however the standard pencils seem drier in formula and can drag when being applied. I usually tackle this by either giving it a quick blast under the hair drier or I use some of the lip balm on my lips to get it going.

All in all this lip pencil is a gorgeous shade and if you love mid toned neutral pinks this will be your versatile best friend.

Have you tried the MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencils - what was your verdict on the formula?
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