Wednesday, 4 February 2015

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

Could this primer have a longer name?! It's such a mouthful!

As a rule I shy away from silicone and 'whipped' formula primers, as I find them greasy and not complimentary to my combination skin - but I got this primer free in a 3-for-2 deal when I purchased my beloved L'Oreal True Match Foundation so I gave a go.

I have zero experience with this style primer, so on the first couple of applications I was applying it everywhere, and my skin felt horrible - the amount of blotting I needed was no laughing matter. I soon cottoned on that less is more, so I applied a small amount just around my nose and forehead. This method worked slightly better, however my foundation had soon 'broken up' in those areas and even blotting couldn't save me. I also noticed that my foundation looked darker which I soon realised meant it had oxidised, something that rarely happens to me.

I found with this primer it did give my skin the 'blurred' effect and the texture around my nose looked smoother, however that is where the benefits ended. My skin felt greasy to touch, no matter how little product I applied I was left with a slippy residue. My foundation 'broke apart' and oxidised, and my skin looked oily in the areas where I had applied the product.

When I saw the effect this primer had on my foundation I could hear my pores screaming for help - I wanted nothing more than to rush home and exfoliate my face. Needless to say me and this primer really did not get along - I'm now more than ever firmly on team gel based primers.

Have you tried this primer - what were your thoughts?
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