Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Favourites


I cant believe were in February already were is this year going? Here are the products I've been loving in January and cannot stop using.

This is a fairly new product to me, but already I love it. Out of all the highlighters I own I do not have one that suits me as perfectly as Lightscapade does. It really complements my cool, pale complexion, and doesn't add any colour to my cheeks, it simply highlights them - which is what we all want from a highlighter.

This palette has been on my eyes every time I've been out this past month. I've been switching between Icon and Man Eater, and mixing with my Optrex eye drops to make the shades much more intense and pigmented. Man Eater is a gorgeous Taupe colour which adds its own drama to a makeup look, whereas Icon is a more subtle colour which you can pair with neutral shades to make it a more neautral look, or pair it with pinks and purples to really draw out the pink tones in the shade.

This has been my transition shade of choice this month. I've been loving more muted pink and purple eye looks this month, and whatever I decide on doing with my eyes, Unexpected is always in my crease before I know it. It's a beautiful shade which can look neutral with golds and brown shades, or can look more purple toned when pair with a purple eyeshadow. 

I have owned this for such a long time, but I recently rediscovered it and I've fallen in love with it all over again. The colour can be slightly off putting, it's an orange based warm beige, however it blends into my eye area seamlessly and it holds my eye shadows in place all day. This is a really good alternative to the MAC Paint Pots and a fraction of the price.

This again is another product I have owned forever, I must wear this every week at least once. I love matte liquid lipsticks, and this is my favourite one by far. The formula is so thick and creamy that your lips feel moisturised whilst still being matte. It doesn't set instantly so you get time to competely coat your lips without it setting half way and looking patchy. Every time I use this I always think it will be my last application just because I wear it so much and it surely must be near the end. I wish I could get hold of more of these but sadly they are always out of stock on the NYX website when I hoo

Two of my favourite things in life are gold eyeshadows and pigment eyeshadows. 'Celebrity' is what happened when my two favourite products fell in love and had a baby. It's a beautiful soft shimmery gold which looks gorgeous as a highlight on the brow bone or inner corner of your eye. I mostly make a mix with my trusty Optrex and use all over the lid for a gorgeous high impact shimmery eye look.

Left - Right | NYX E/S Base 'Skin' | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Istanbul'
Too Faced 'Icon' | Too Faced 'Man Eater' | ELF Mineral E/S 'Celebrity'
Makeup Geek E/S 'Unexpected' | MAC MSF 'Lightscapade'

What were you favourite products last month?
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