Friday, 6 February 2015

How I Style a Bold Lip Colour

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We all have our beauty nemesis - a technique or product that intimidates us or fills us with fear - this could be red lipstick, applying false eyelashes, contouring or wearing a bold lip colour. I've picked up a few tips here and there so I am ready to tackle a bold lip when, year after year the trend comes back around. I thought today I would share with you my bold lip 'Do's' and 'Dont's'.

DO // prime your lips before applying. Give them a quick exfoliate so there silky smooth, and apply plently of lip balm to get them hydrated. Doing this nessaray step will prevent your lip colour from applying patchy and will stop the formula from clinging to any dry patches.

DONT // skip lip liner! When applying a bold lip colour whether it be deep and dark or bright and in-your-face any mistakes you make will be more noticeable, using a lip pencil or taking some of the lipstick on a brush to line your lips will give you a clean sharp edge, rather than applying it straight from the bullet. You can also use concealer to clean away any mistakes you've made.

DO // make your base as flawless as humanly possible - I'm talking full coverage and pristine, no dark circles or blemishes peaking through. I find this just makes you look more 'put together' and people wont notice the breakout your suffering through, just the gorgeous lip colour you're rocking. 

DONT // Don't go overboard on blush, contour and highlight. You don't want your cheeks fighting for peoples attention. Apply subtle colours which give you the 'your skin but better' effect.

DONT // go HAM on the eyes. chose neutral colours and focus on giving definition to your peepers. I typically opt for matte as I find these look more natural, I apply a soft brown on the lid, a medium brown in the crease to give the illusion of a shadow, and bring this down to the lower lash line, then apply a deep brown in the outer V. I then finish it off with a flick of eye liner and lots of lengthening mascara.

What's your favourite bold lip colour?
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