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Porcelain Queen Archives | Real Technique Brushes | #4

Today I'm back with another post from my Archives series, I love writing these posts as I enjoy reading the original review and seeing if I still feel the same way about the product now, I also like to see how I am progressing with my blog photography.

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For today's post I will be looking back on my Real Techniques Brushes and seeing if I still feel the same way. You can read the original review below

Original Real Techniques Brush Review

I still adore these brushes, a few I use on a daily basis, some I use for dramatic eye makeup and some are sadly not used at all.

The Buffing Brush, Blush Brush and the Contour Brush get used on a daily basis, these are my make up staples that I cannot be without. The buffing brush is my all time favourite foundation brush, I may occasionally flirt with other brushes, such as the Sigma F80, but I always find myself coming back to the Buffing Brush. The contour brush I use to set the concealer under my eyes, the small precise tip makes getting right under those peepers a quick and pain free experience - no rough bristles poking your eyes. And lastly the Blush Brush, I use this to powder my face and set my foundation, it litterally takes two seconds with this brush, and the slightly tapered end makes it perfect for powdering around your nose.

I've found recently that I cannot do a full eye make look without the Deluxe Crease brush, it makes blending away harsh lines of eye shadows effortless. The Base Shadow brush I use when I'm in a rush, its perfectly tapered end makes applying a colour into the crease and lid a two second job. And lastly the Accent Brush, I love this for applying foiled pigments and eye shadows, or for adding colour to the lower lash line, its basically the worlds smallest flat shader brush.

The brushes I rarely, if ever use are the Detailer brush, I used to use this for pin point concealer but I quickly became tired of washing it every other day, as it constantly becomes clogged with product. The Pointed Foundation brush I never use, this shape and style foundation brush has become obsolete thanks to kabuki brushes. And lastly the Pin Point Eye Liner brush is another that I never use, I find it way to thick to create a crisp line with, and I'm not into the smudged and smoked liner look.

Which Real Techniques Brushes can and can't you live without?
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