Friday, 2 January 2015

Brush Cleaning | What I Use to Clean My Brushes to Promote Healthy & Happy Skin

Brush cleaning is one of those chores you just have to do, some people have a lackadaisical approach, and others like myself, bite the bullet and get on with it. My skin went to hell and back in December,  the reason I'm putting it down to, is trying out loads of new products and washing my brushes in something new - all which did not agree with my skin one bit. However I found a new method for cleaning my brushes, which I think is contributing towards keeping my skin healthy and happy.

I used to use baby shampoo, but I found I had to lather, rinse, repeat so many times that my fingers resembled prunes after washing one brush. I then switched to antibacterial soap, which I used happily for months, then when I moved into my own house I started using a moisturising soap, it was all I had and lets be real, brush washing isn't a priority when your moving house. After having a shocking skin month I started to use a Tea Tree and Charcoal face wash, which alongside other products has worked absolute wonders for my skin. So I started washing my brushes once a week with this deep cleansing face wash, my brushes have never been cleaner and my skin has never been clearer.

I was amazed at the sheer amount of foundation been rinsed from my brushes, even ones I thought were clean. I saw a pale line of foundation slowly work its way up from the roots of the bristles until it got rinsed out the tips. The brushes were left soft and the bristles actually felt more flexible and moveable without the gross build up of product. 

I'm not sure if using a face wash is the 'correct' method for washing make up brushes, but it cant be much worse than washing your brushes in washing up liquid, or shampoo.

Does anyone else use this method?
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