Friday, 23 January 2015

Beauty Tips I Know Now...

At one point in our life we were all terrible at makeup and beauty. I'm sure we all had one thing which we thought, back in the day was our thang - this for me was slapping on layer after layer of eyeshadow, the darker, deeper and more vibrant the better I thought I looked. There are a few things that I wish I knew then that I know now, and here they are...

EYES // oh if only I could tell my younger self to blend, blend, blend my eye shadow - I would have spared myself a lot of embarrassing photographs. I'm pretty sure blending eye shadow was not 'in' when I first started experimenting with eye shadow, but it would have looked a damn sight better than what I was rocking.

BROWS // until the discovery of HD Brows I thought I had a killer set of brows, oh how wrong I was! A stronger squared brow suits me much more than the thin arched brows I have rocked for many years. If only I had resisted the temptation to tweeze my poor eyebrows into early extinction.

LIPS // my only regret with my lips is not getting into lipstick sooner. I love wearing reds and pinks and nudes, and I wish I had started wearing lipstick sooner.

FACE // In my younger years, I'm not proud to admit I had some disastrous foundation shade matching issues - although in my defence there simply wasn't the choice of colours available that there is now. But I wish I had gone to a makeup counter for advice rather than buying a foundation which I wanted my skin tone to be - than actually what it was.

MAKEUP // I shudder at the thought of how much money I've spent on makeup over the years, if only I had know which products to splurge on and invest in, and which to save on and have more choice of. But sadly I bought all things cheap and cheerful, which resulted in a mammoth amount of money being wasted

What are the things you know now, which you wish you had known back then?
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