Monday, 14 December 2015

Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eyeliner

Recently an Avon brochure got shoved under my nose, and the beauty obsessive in me could not help but browse the pages. I while ago I got into eyeliner pens after trying the Essence Superfine eyeliner pen - link here but it had recently ran out, so naturally I replaced it.
The Mega Affects eyeliner has a duo application nib, so you can create a thin precise flick, or thick bold Adele style line. I typically use the thinner nib for creating my wing and lining my eye, I then flick it over to the thicker end and fill everything in and make it super black. I find the nib extremely easy to use, its a stiffened felt feeling material, so it glides easily across my eyes without dragging. The colour pay off is not as good as a gel or a standard liquid, it can appear slightly watery, so sometimes I do have to apply two layers.

The price I thought was quiet steep for a catalogue, however it turned out to be included in an offer so I only paid £3.25, the usual price is £6.50.

This pen would be ideal for someone who struggles creating a wing as the straight nib makes it fool proof. You can watch my easy eyeliner tutorial here.

Have you tried any makeup from Avon?

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Eye Cream on a Budget

There was once a time my peepers could not be with out Benefit's 'It's Potent' eye cream, but the hefty £25.50 price tag soon got me looking else where. I was causally browsing the shelves of Boots a couple of years back, and picked up their own brand Simply Sensitive eye cream as a cheap 'inbetween' product until I could research other brands. It came as a surprising shock when it became apparent that this eye cream was perfect for my peepers.

My under eyes are quite frankly on a whole new level of sensitivity, even the slightest hint of perfume in an eye cream or makeup remover makes them sting, turn pink and if I am really lucky puff up slightly, so a sensitive cream is a must have for me. The Boots 'Simply Sensitive' cream has a thin texture which is easily absorbed without leaving a slick residue. It contains calming aloe vera, and is also scent free hence it's appeal to me. If my eyes are particularly sore, I will place the tube in fridge for 5 minutes or so before applying, and it feels extremely soothing.

The price is bound to make any bargain hunter happy, it is currently priced at £1.44 in the Boots Christmas offers, the usual price is £2.89.

What's your favourite budget eye cream?

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bloodline Liquid Lipstick

 Anastasia Beverly Hills is a house hold name amongst all eyebrow aficionados, but in the past year her once eyebrow exclusive empire has expanded to allow for other coveted makeup items. I was luck enough to have 'Bloodline' liquid lipstick purchased for me by a friend from the Big Apple, and it's safe to say I have been rocking hot orange lips ever since.
Swatch of Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Bloodline' Liquid Lipstick

For all you regular readers, you'll know I adore liquid lipsticks, I have a sizeable collection which features at least 9 or 10 shades of seemingly identical but all differing shades of red, my most favourite been a hot coral red. I must admit looking at all the swatches online I thought Bloodline was slightly darker and vampier, but I am still over the moon with the colour. The shade is not too far from a tomato red, with plenty of orange undertones it definitely airs on the warmer side. 

Now for the most important part, the formula. It glides easily onto the lips with a standard doe foot applicator, once left to cure for a minute or so it is set for the foreseeable, and not a thing will budge it. I wore this recently on a girls night out, I applied it whilst waiting for a taxi around 9pm, and it was still going strong when I eventually collapsed in bed around 3am. It dries completely matte, it can be slightly drying like any matte liquid lipstick, but feel comfortable and easy to wear.

The only question left is which shades do I order next?

* I was planning on blogging everyday during the festive period, however I had to suck it up and be an adult last week to finish decorating my living room before Christmas, so that kinda got in the way, but I am now fully on track for blogging everyday *

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Gel Manicure at Home with Essence Cosmetics

In a previous life a gel manicure was monthly must have, however I grew tiresome of my gorgeous £20 treat lasting at a push two weeks. Since kicking my gel habit I have had rather unloved nails for quite some time, so I began looking into at home gel kits. With Christmas just around the corner I couldn't justify splashing out on a £70 kit, so I bought myself a budget kit from Essence Cosmetics.
Unfortunately having your own gel kit does not guarantee a salon quality manicure as yo8/`1u can tell by my ragged cuticles. I must admit I hadn't treated myself to a relaxing pamper session when I painted my nails, I painted each layer in between stirring a home made I had simmering on the hob.

The Essence Gel Nail polish's come in a handy trio, a clear base coat, the pop of colour, and lastly the top high gloss clear coat, which cost a total of £6.60. The gel polish was extremely easy to apply, and I gave each layer a good 3 minutes to dry, I applied two layers of each polish, and was left with a smooth, glossy and most importantly, even appearance.

I am extremely heavy handed, and regular polish chips with a day, if not on the day of application, so I was thrilled when the Essence Gel Nail polish lasted a whopping 7 days.

Don't get me wrong, I could never replace a good manicure with a at home version, however I will be saving my money and reserving a luxury gel manicure for special occasions.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The One Product I'm Too Scared To Use

I cannot be the only beauty obsessive who has one product in their arsenal that their too scared to use, for me that is one gorgeous luxury product. I have had ample opportunity to use this product, but whenever the occasion has arisen I have talked myself out of breaking the seal.

I still have this gorgeous cream eyeshadow pen comfortably housed in its original packaging, and it winks at me every single day. I just cannot bear to take the plunge and make the first twist.
Im sure as beauty bloggers and beauty obsessives we all have our quirks which we can all laugh about, let me know what your quirks are...

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Super Facilist by Una Brennan

A while ago I accidentally got hooked on Salicylic Acid face masks, after seeing how my skin responded I decided to splash out on another.

Without doing any prior research I simply popped into Boots and picked up the first Salicylic Acid containing face mask I laid my eyes on, and this happened to be the 'Pore Purifying Clay Mask' by Una Brennan.

I had high hopes, as I love a good olde clay mask, and paired with my new found love, Salicylic Acid, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Like all my face masks, I applied to my clean and dry face, jumped in the bath, and let it set for a while. After washing off my skin was left with a luminous glow, which doesn't happen to often with my combination skin. My skin was also left with a hydrating film, which I quickly cleansed away with my toner, then added my own moisturiser afterwards.

I have been using this face mask, twice a week, or whenever my skin is looking a little lack-lustrous. I have noticed the benefits from introducing Salicylic Acid into my skin routine, the texture of my skin is noticeably smoother, and breakouts are a rare occurrence.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Jason & The Argon Oil LUSH Shampoo Bar

I've used LUSH haircare for a while now, and so far I have loved every single product I have tried. I recently crossed the Jason & the Argon Oil shampoo bar off my 'To Try' List. 

This bar is ideal for thirsty and frizz prone hair, the Argan Oil repairs and nourishes, and the delicate Rose gives your hair a fresh and uplifting scent. I was originally put off by the Rose ascpect, but I much prefer the scent of this bar compared to others, which can be quite overpowering, and lingering. My hair always feels so soft and strong after using LUSH hair care, and this bar is no exception, I use no styling products, I simple shampoo, condition and leave my hair to dry naturally, and I'm left with soft frizz free locks.

This bar is one of the more 'crumblier' formulas, so pat dry before you pack it back in your tin, otherwise it will adhere to the tin and break in half when you next take it out.

On the 30th October I will be having my hair permanently straightened, so I will be doing a series of posts with before and after photos, and detailing the process.

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara

Not too long ago I couldn't watch a YouTube video without Jordana's Best Lash Extreme mascara being used, so I inevitably bought one for myself. After seeing my favourite YouTube gurus achieve wispy long lashes I had high hopes for this mascara.

The wand is quite large, similar to Clinique High Impact, but slightly longer, it provides great coverage to each individual lash. That unfortunaltly is where the positives end, the formula of the mascara is very thin, and once applied clumps and weighs down the lashes. Even curling my lashes beforehand gives no benefit, the result is still the same, long, straight and clumpy lashes. The formula is quite brittle once applied, by this I mean it flakes easily and I can rub it off between my fingers.
My Own Lashes 
One Layer of 'Best Lash Extreme'
Two Layers of 'Best Lash Extreme'

I only paid £2.37 for this mascara so it's not a massive hit to my bank account, and it does give me wispy bottom lashes.

Has anyone else tried this mascara?

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen
It will come as no surprise to my fellow beauty lovers that I adore Essence, I discovered the brand earlier this year, and have expanded my collection tenfold and I am yet to come across a poor quality product. I was in the market for a new liquideye liner and dabbled into the realms of pen applicators, in walks Essence to solve my eyeliner woes.
Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen Swatch
The packaging is simple and looks remarkably like every other pen applicator I have ever seen. The tip is felt tip like and extremely soft, its tapered point makes a winged eye achievable. The pigmentation is amazing for a pen applicator, but not as opaque as a standard liquid or gel liner. Some pen applicators can stain your skin, but the Essence Superfine Liner washes away easily with makeup remover.

The price is on point, as can be expected with Essence, for £2.50 this pen will not break the bank, and is ideal for eyeliner novices.

Which is your favourite eyeliner pen?

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Soap & Glory Brow Archery Pencil

If there's one thing I truly take pride in about myself it is most definitely my eyebrows, they're the pride and joy of my face. So you would think I have a wide assortment of brow products? Wrong I have a small handful of products which I know and love. After hearing everyone and there cat raving about Soap & Glory Brow Archery Pencil, I finally caved and bought one for myself.

The dual ended product has a thin felt tip pen one end, and a standard twist pencil the other. The felt tip end is a medium cool toned brown shade, and applies a thin, yet slightly translucent line of colour. You can add thin, precise imitation hairs to your own brows and give them a thicker appearance. The pencil end is a warm light brown shade, the pencil is extremely hard, and crumbles upon application. The two toned ends means I can only use one end - the felt tip. The warm toned pencil makes my cool toned brows frankly look ridiculous and stand out from a mile away.
Left - Swatch from felt tip | Right - Swatch from pencil

For me this product is yet another highly raved product which just fails to impress, and for £10 this is not a cheap product to gamble with.

What are your thoughts on this pencil?

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Navy & Silver Halo Eye Makeup | YouTube

Products used //

Soap & Glory Brow Archery - Brownie Points
No 7 Brow Pencil - Brown
Essence Make me Brow - Browny Brows
NYX Eye Shadow Base - Skin Tone
Makeup Geek E/S -  Vanilla Bean / Beaches & Cream / Duchess
Urban Decay E/S - Heroine
NARS Dual Intensity E/S - Callisto
Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen - Black
Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation - 00 Porcelain
LA Girl Pro Conceal - Porcelain
MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzing Powder - Lightest shade
Essence Silky Touch Blush - 
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish - Lightscapade
Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray - Deslick
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner - Black
YSL Shocking Mascara - Black
Rimmel London Provocalips - Dare to Pink

Brushes Used //
Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
Zoeva 227 Soft Definer Brush
MAC 217 Brush
Zoeva 232 Classic Shader Brush
Real Technique Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush
NYX B21 Brush
Zoeva 230 Luxe Pencil Brush
Sigma E45 Blending Brush
MAC 168 Large Angle Contour Brush
MUA F6 Contour Brush
Benefit Powder Brush
ELF Fan Brush

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Vampy Lips for Autumn

Vampy Lips Dark Lips
Bold are daring lip colours are becoming increasingly more socially acceptable, and more out there colours are becoming available. For today's post I want to share my favourite deep and vampy lip colours for the change in season.

Top Shop 'Damned' // £8.00
This was my first ever deep lip colour and I still love it to this day. The deep aubergine shade looks perfect against cool, pale skin tones, and complements warm, orange shades.

MAC Sheen Supreme 'New Temptation' // £17.50
This is the ideal red lipstick for the change in season, its moisturising formula make dry lips a thing of the past whilst still keeping you on trend.

MAC Retro Matte 'Ruby Woo' // £15.50
This is my all time favourite red lipstick, never had I worn a shade so complementary to my porcelain complexion. The matte finish gives a chic twist on a classic red lip - just make sure you prep your lips before applying.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Amsterdam' // £7.00
Amsterdam is such a unique red, and ideal for those who do not want the classic phone box shade, the mix of fuchsia tones gives its a hot pink/red appearance. 

Rimmel London 'Kiss Fatal' Provocalips // £6.99
This is a great shade for day time, the mauve tones are vampy enough to keep you on trend with Autumn and subtle enough to wear day to day.

Rimmel London 'Play Wih Fire' Provocalips // £6.99
This is a deep, deep red shade, suited to those, like me, who love rocking a deep red lip. The matte, long lasting formula makes it perfect for evenings out.
Top Shop NYX Rimmel London MAC
Left - Right | Damned | New Temptation | Ruby Woo | Amsterdam | Kiss Fatal | Play With Fire

What are your favourite vampy lip colours for Autumn?

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

LUSH 'Tangled' Hot Oil Hair Treatment

I have made my love for natural, organic hair care, and hair oiling no secret, so when I saw LUSH now sell hot oil hair masks, I knew I had to get my mitts on them. After much deliberation and advice from a fellow LUSH lover, I decided to purchase the 'Tangled' treatment.

The treatment comes in a solid form, you simply add a small amount of boiling water and stir until you have a heavenly creamy consistency. Once it's fully melted you need to act quick because the mixture will start to thicken up again. Once applied it soon thickens and becomes a sticky mess, so tie your hair in a fun bun and leave it to work it's magic. The mixture hardens when drying, which feels extremely weird, but it makes it safe for you to walk around without the fear of leaving oil stains throughout your house.

The treatment is extremely difficult to wash out, I used my 'Jason and the Argon Oil' solid shampoo and  'Big' conditioner, but still found the odd clump of treatment once my hair had dried. As a rule I never use heated styling tools on my hair unless it's a special occasion, so I left my hair to dry naturally. My hair felt smoother and my curls looked more sleek, but this is nothing different to when I use my own cocktail of hair oils.

For people who want to give their hair a revival once a month then this is perfect for you. If your more serious about hot oil treatments, like myself, you can save your self a lot of money and invest in some organic coconut oil and essential oils to complement your hair type.

Have you tried one of the three new LUSH hot oil treatments?

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Rimmel Provocalips Transfer Proof Lipstick

Rimmel London Provocalips
I have had these gorgeous lipsticks in my collection for well over six months, but never got round to reviewing them. I purchased them after hearing about them on YouTube, and I took advantage of a Boots offer so I snagged all four for around £20.

The packaging is so cue with the cartoon lipstick marks, and slim line so they fit in any bag I own without taking up too much space. On one end of the double ended wand holds the pigmented lipstick, and the other, the smoothing clear balm. The applicator is a simple doe foot, which is personally my favourite for applying liquid lipsticks.

The liquid lipstick is extremely pigmented, in fact one of the best I have come across on from the drug store. Once applied and dried, the colour is opaque and will not show a hit of your natural lip colour. The staying power of these products is perfection, they will not budge, for greasy food, drinks or the oiliest of makeup removers. Sometimes this can be annoying, especially when wearing the darker shades.
Rimmel London Provocalips Swatches
Left - Right | Dare to Pink | I'll Call You | Play With Fire | Kiss Fatal

Dare to Pink is my work lipstick, it is the perfect day time nude, and I'll Call you is my go to 'day off' lip colour, it matches every makeup look and is so easy to wear. These are up there as one of my favourite all time lip products and would recommend them to anyone who loves liquid lipsticks.

Who else loves the Provocalips?

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Friday, 11 September 2015

Beauty UK Matte Cool Toned Bronzer

Beauty UK Matte Bronzer Dark
I don't know about you but I will not contour with a warm toned shade as my cheeks resemble a terracotta tile, and cream contouring isn't something I always want to do. So your left with purchasing an expensive contour kit just for that one shade or finding a single powder contour shade, which seems as likely as finding a needle in a haystack - but Beauty UK, have found the niche in the market and created the perfect cool toned shade.

The packaging is hollow, clumsy,  and looks as though it is made bigger than needs to be. The patent black box houses an intricately patterned, cold brown matte bronzer. The pigmentation is second to none, a small amount of product really goes a long way, and it's extremely easy to 'over contour' yourself. The formula is slightly powdery, which is something that I can easily over look, and has never been an issue for me, but I understand this will irk some beauty lovers. I find even on my pale, cool toned complexion, a few sweeps with my NARS ITA brush and I have a 'mud free' contour.
Beauty UK Matte Bronzer Dark Swatch
Want to know the best thing about this bronzer? It only costs £3.99, when compared to the pricey contour palettes available, is an absolute steal. You can purchase Beauty UK products at Super Drug, which is where I bought mine.

Have you tried this bronzer as a contour shade?

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

One Powder Two Ways - MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Recently I asked a relative to pick me up a replacement for my beloved MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder from Duty Free but due to a misunderstanding the pressed powder was bought. From the first application I noticed a difference and the longer I've been using it the more those differences have become apparent, so I just wanted to write a super quick post about it.

When I swatched the two powders to compare they were seemingly identical, so I made the choice to hang onto the pressed version, and I even remember thinking it would be perfectly handy for on the go touch ups.

The first difference I noticed was the pressed powder left a white layer over my skin, similar to when you spray dry shampoo to close to your hair. This happened every application despite me applying less and less, and tapping off excess. This was easily remedied with a quick sweep of a clean brush, but still I found this annoying, and something which never happens with the loose formula.

Another annoying difference is linked to the first, because so much powder was inadvertently being applied, every slight dry patch I had was instantly crisped and made extremely, horrifyingly noticeable.

And the final difference I noted was my skin was becoming oiler earlier in the day, by the end of a 14 hour day my makeup had slipped and slid around my face making me some what resemble a sad clown. After this happened a handful of times I instantly stopped using it, knowing I couldn't trust it to keep my makeup put.

I know this might not be the case with every powder formula available, but I just wanted to highlight that products which are marketed as the same product can act differently when processed into a different form.

Has anyone else had this issue with a beauty product?

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Rimmel London 'Good to Glow' Liquid Highlighter

Rimmel London Soho Glow Good to Glow Liquid Highlighter
I always seem to have one product lurking in my makeup stash which I adore, but some how completely overlook when writing reviews. Recently my complexion has been near perfect, so I've opted for a lighter coverage foundation with a touch Rimmel London's 'Soho Glow' highlighter.

'Soho Glow' gives you a subtle sun kissed look, which doesn't leave you with a tell tale tide mark around your jawline. The formula contains zero shimmer or glitter particles, it is just an incredibly gorgeous metallic bronze shade. The colour is extremely buildable, but my pale complexion can only handle one layer before it starts to look artificial and fake tan like. On days where I want to achieve a glowing and luminous complexion I mix a small amount with my usual Smash Box Photo Finish primer, and also with my foundation, Again this does not change the colour of my foundation, but gives my skin a metallic and luminous finish.
Swatch Rimmel London Soho Glow Good to Glow Liquid Highlighter
The formula is gel like and provides no moisture which is perfect for those with oiler skin types. On hotter days, which is now a distant memory, I replaced my usual primer for 'Soho Glow', and really cut down on shine break through.

The Good to Glow range has a choice of three shades, 'Soho Glow' which I have, 'Piccadilly Glow' which appears a soft salmon and 'Notting Hill Glow' which is a soft silver pink and is on the top of my wishlist. Each highlighter cost £4.99 which is an absolute steal compared to other liquid highlighters on the market.

Have you tried any products from the 'Good to Glow' range?

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Essence 'Blush Up' Powder Blush - Pinky Flow

Essence Pinky Flow Blush
I have made it no secret that Essence is my new favourite, affordable brand, so it should come as no surprise that I love another one of there spectacular products.

Essence have a small range of ombre blushes, and not owning a multi-tonal product I snapped 'Pinky Flow' up instantly. The packaging is a clear perspex compact, very minimal and budget like all Essence products, but you have to look past the not too chic packaging and focus on the amazing quality product inside.

I love the idea of having three shades in one compact, and for someone who has never hit pan on a blush the ombre pattern entices me to use it on a daily basis. The colour pay off is good, but not comparable to a NARS blush, which is perfect for me as bright blushes intimidate me, and can make me look doll like against my fair skin. I understand that on deeper and warmer skin tones than mine the colour may get lost, but for fairer skin tones 'Pinky Flow' gives a subtle wash of peachy colour. 
The shade is a matte soft peach rather than pink as advertised, it gives the hint of colour to my cheeks which suits my easy-to-redden skin perfectly.
Swatch of Essence Pinky Flow Blush
L - R | Lightest shade | Brightest Shade | Shades Mixed

Unfortunately there are only two shades available in this gorgeous range, hopefully Essence will add more soon. I purchase 'Pinky Flow' through Wilkinsons online for £2.00, which is an absolute bargain! 

Have you tried either of the Blush Up! powder blushes by Essence?

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Monday, 24 August 2015

My 5 Most Repurchased Products

Here on Porcelain Queen I am always sharing with you my new favourite products, however I rarely share with you my ongoing favourites. So for the first time I will share with you my most consistently repurchased beauty products.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer - Light // £25
This is my old favourite primer, it is the one mattifying primer which I can actually rely on keep my skin looking soft and oil free. I have repurchased this time and time again, and begrudgingly endured several price increases.

Bobbi Brown Skin Stick Foundation // £29.50
I repurchased this only last weekend, it is my go to foundation and the one I wear to work 99% of the time. I find the buildable formula light yet pigmented. I know some stick foundations can be intimidating but this is such a beautiful foundation which gives my combination skin a perfect soft finish.

MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder // £20.50
I have never looked back since first purchasing this powder maybe around 2 years ago, I will never purchase another transparent powder again. It sets my concealer and T-zone firmly in place for hours and helps gives a blurred appearance to my skin.

YSL Shocking Mascara // £25
I absolutely hated this mascara when I first ever bought it, in fact I wrote a post about how disappointing I found it. However once this mascara thickens slightly it gives my lashes a jet black permed look which I love,

Urban Decay Deslick Makeup Setting Spray // £21
I will never use another makeup setting spray so long as I live, I've flirted and dabbled with other brands, but none compare to the setting power of Deslick.

I know all these products come with a hefty price tag, but 70% of these products are bought duty free. When I know someone's going abroad I ask them to pick me a few bits up, even if I wont need them for a few months, then I have my backups all ready to go.

What are your most consistently repurchased beauty products?

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Monday, 10 August 2015

NYX Conceal Correct & Contour Palette | First Impressions

NYX Conceal Correct & Contour Palette
A while ago I became extremely obsessed with cream products, and as soon as I saw the NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour palette all over my Instagram feed I knew I had to have it. I purchased mine through Beauty Joint for £7.75, however you can also purchase NYX from

I have had this sat in my dressing table patiently waiting to be used for months, but I don't want to start using it until I've finished using my Beauty UK contour palette as these products do have the tendency to dry out over time. 
NYX Conceal Correct & Contour Palette
There are three palettes available for fair, medium and deep skin tones, each palette holds six cream products designed to perfect your skin into a flawless and contoured canvas. Each palette has six different shades, the light palette, which is the one I purchased, has neutral shade, two yellow tones, two pinks and a cool taupe. You can also mix and match the shades to really create a perfect skin match.

I haven't read much about the palettes, I just saw them on Instagram and fell in love, so I am really excited to try it out. This seems like such a great palette for both everyday use and evening use. 

Have you tried this palette?

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Essence 'Soo Glow' Cream to Powder Highlighter

Essence Soo Glow Cream to Powder Highlighter
Recently I have been loving cream products, I much prefer the way they look and feel on my skin compared to dehydrating powders. When I saw that Essence, my new favourite affordable brand, offered several cream to powder formula highlights, I had to give them a try. I chose to buy only one, just to see how the cream formula suited my skin type, after using it for many a moon, I am now more than excited to expand my collection and share my thoughts.
Essence Soo Glow Cream to Powder Highlighter Swatch
The packaging, much like all Essence products is clear plastic, not minimally chic, just plain olde minimal, however the price is right so you cannot grumble too much. It holds 4 gram of highlighter, I am not sure if this is more, less or industry standard, all I know is I have been using this on and off for several weeks and only just started to make a dint in the product.

The formula is purely divine, it soft and creamy, the formula melts like butter under your fingers and blends into your skin to leave an untraceable glow. The formula, like most cream to powder formulations does not set like a powder product would, it definitely dries, but it isn't moisture sapping. To make this product last all day, I lightly dust the areas applied with a small layer of a complementing illuminating powder.

I chose to start my collection with the beautiful pearlescent shade, 'Look on the Bright Side'. This does at first glance look very harsh and intimidating, however once applied to the skin it looks so beautiful. This shade looks similar to MAC 'Lightscapade' Mineralise Skin Finish once blended onto the skin. The texture is very light, and doesn't look cakey, or enhance any flaws what so ever. Some cream products can give me texture, by this I mean small under the skin imperfections not a full on breakout, but with this product I haven't had that. My prefered method of application is with my fingers, I like to melt the product onto my skin with the warmth of my fingers, then precisely blend in with a small stippling brush. 

There are two shades in this range 'Look on the Bright Side', which I have and 'Bright up your Life' which is a warmer shade with a hint of pastel pink. They cost a mere £2.80, and are available at Wilkinson's here - which is where I purchased mine.

What are your thoughts on the Essence cream to powder highlights?

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Monday, 27 July 2015

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Haul

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
It seems like months ago, three to be precise, that I placed an order with Beauty Joint, and quadrupled my Soft Matte Lip Cream collection. I have made my love of the Soft Matte Lip Cream's no secret, there probably one of, if not my favourite lip products of life.

Unfortunately for us in the UK, these gorgeous products are widely unavailable, but fear not beauty lovers, the entire range is available for a fraction cheaper on Beauty Joint.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Swatches
Left - Right | Monte Carlo | Addis Ababa | Sao Paulo | Amsterdam

The formula of these lip creams are heavenly, there soft, moisturising, moose like and hella pigmented. Unlike other liquid lipsticks these are not entirely budge proof, and do require touch ups every now and again. However as they are not a drying formula, touch ups are easy and undetectable. I have tried patting a lipstick sealing product over the lip creams and I have found this does slightly boost the wear time.

The packaging is fun and playful, and makes identifying your colour choice in a rush extremely easy. The doe foot applicator can make application slightly messy, but that is nothing a complementing lip pencil cannot solve.

I will always have a soft spot for these products as they were the first mate liquid lipstick I ever bought. They are the most moisturising and comfortable of my collection to wear, however the wear time is one of the weakest. If you don't mind touching your lips up on the go, then I would highly recommend the Soft Matte Lip Creams, however if you like to apply once and forget about it, there are better alternatives for you.

What are your thoughts on the Soft Matte Lip Creams?

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Monday, 13 July 2015

July Wishlist | ASOS Sale Edit

For those of you not in the know ASOS have an up to 50% of Summer sale, and of course there are plenty of beauty and makeup products included - and here are my top five picks...

One // Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On and On Bronze // £4.99 £3.49
I have heard fellow beauty bloggers rave about these cream eye shadows a thousand and one times, and I still do not own a single one, or quite shamefully never swatched one.

Two // Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeliner - Metallic Black Tanzan // £24 £15.20
I had absolutely no idea that these existed, I would love to try one to see what there like, in my head I vision them as a pigmented creamy heavenly formula. I wouldn't entertain the idea of trying these out full price, but with near enough 40% off I would definitely give them a whirl.

Three // Stila Smudge Waterproof Crayon - Periwinkle // £14 £7.60
In my last wishlist (here) I said I was mesmerized by the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in a gorgeous periwinkle colour, and it's happened again, but only this time with a kohl eyeliner. I would get so much use out of this product, I love a good under eye pop of colour.

Four // Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel - Medium Brown // £28
This technically, isn't in the sale, and by technically I mean not at all, but I really want to try a brow gel, and this light formula seems perfect for my needs. It gives a subtle hint of colour and holds the brows in place all day. But at £28 I would love to read some reviews before I commit.

Five // Rimmel London Good To Glow Highlighter - Notting Hill Glow // £4.99 £3.49
I already have, and love, 'Soho Glow', which is more of a bronze illuminator, 'Notting Hill' is a pale pink shade which looks similar to Benefit 'High Beam' - but at a fraction of the price.

What are you wishing for this month?

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Super Easy Five Minute Eye Makeup

This is a first for me on Porcelain Queen, for once I'm not wearing lashes, popping any bright colours or winging out my eye liner. This is the makeup I wear for work and it's as simple as two eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara.

Products used //

MAKE GEEK E/S Vanilla Bean & Peach Smoothie
NATURAL COLLECTION Black Liquid Eyeliner
YSL Shocking Mascara
SOAP & GLORY Brow Archery - Brownie Points
ESSENCE Make Me Brow

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