Monday, 1 December 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette | Swatches and Individual Shade Reviews

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today as promised I'm sharing with you the swatches from the amazing Vice 3 palette, as well as individual mini reviews on each shade. If you missed my previous post you can catch up HERE for a detailed review on the overall palette.
 L-R | DTF | Downfall | Undone | Truth

DTF - I love this shade just for its name! 'She's DTF!' Just me? This is a perfect matte brown ideal for adding some depth to your crease or some smoke to to your outer V

Downfall - Downfall is a camel brown, I really cannot describe it any other way, all the neutral lovers will fall for this shade.

Undone -  a great transitional shade, it makes blending out dark eye shadow a dream.

Truth - a flat matte off white - a great alternate to a shimmer highlight.
L-R | Brokedown | Heroine | Freeze | Dragon

Brokedown - Err my gard this is (if I remember rightly) pretty much identical to my beloved Smog! A dirty muddy shimmery brown - pure bliss!

Heroine - matte navy blue

Freeze - shimmery bright teal

Dragon - shimmery bright green
L-R | Bobby Dazzle | Reign | Lucky | Vanity

Bobby Dazzle - a runner up for the best name! A stark frosted white.

Reign - Matte muddy brown

Lucky - Argh this shade gives me life! Its golden, orange, rusty shimmery heaven! 

Vanity - playful bright purple 
L-R | Sonic | Bondage | Alchemy | Alien

Sonic - a runner up for best shade. Bright red but with orange undertones. Urgh love it.

Bondage - very dark matte purple with brown undertones.

Alchemy - bright fuschia pink

Alien - bright matte pink - although in the picture looks shimmery - it most definitely is not.
L-R | Revolver | Defy | Angel | Last Sin

Revolver - very dark gun metal grey with silver flecks

Defy - deep dark matte cool toned brown

Angel - mid toned cool shimmery brown

Last Sin - shimmery frosted yellow toned off white - wow that was a mouthful - I feel like this shade or one similar is in a lot of the Urban Decay palettes already but just named differently

Which shades are you loving from this palette? My ultimate favourites are Lucky and Sonic...and angel...and last sin...argh too many to choose from.


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