Monday, 29 December 2014

MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage Primer | Review

Just a quick forewarning this is a bizzare post, but hang in there until the end...

I was in MAC recently with my Mum who was getting her makeup done, and the Makeup Artist, used the Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage Primer on her, and I got slight primer envy so I bought one for myself. Now knowing my reactions to primers in the past you would have thought I would have at least tried it on the back of my hand or asked just one single question about it... well no... I parted with £21 without a second thought. For those of you none the wiser to my primer woes, read this post here and this one here - please excuse the terrible photography, those were the early days.

The first time I tried this primer I was horrified at the amount of shimmer in it, now I'm all for a highlighted and glowing complexion, but this was not that, my face literally looked like I'd bobbed for an apple in glitter, and I am a person who absolutely hates glitter, one single speck on my face and its enough to ruin my year. I took it back to MAC and basically asked why there was shimmer in the product and I was informed that the shimmer is only there as a guide, so you know where you've applied the product..yeah right? Who would be that conscious of priming their face! But me being me, I gave it another go...

I wore this primer every day for about a week and each day I woke up to a new discover a new blemish around my chin and the texture of my skin was increasingly uneven, thankfully adapting some Tea Tree oil into my skin care really helped to resolve this. I was then left with a dilemma, do I carry on using the primer or return it?

As you can guess I carried on using it, and after another few weeks I can honestly say I gained nothing from using this product. The shimmer was covered by the foundation which is fine by me, but I wasn't left with a radiant glow, so I still don't quite grasp the concept and the need for the shimmer. It primed my skin, but I didn't notice if I forgot to apply it, which never happens with my holy grail Smash Box primer.

Have you tried this primer? What were your thoughts?
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