Monday, 24 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Pinks

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome to the start of Makeup Geek Week, over the next 7 days I'll be sharing 7 posts all dedicated to Makeup Geek products. If you share my enthusiasm and passion for Makeup Geek click here to follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss a single post and we can be friends!

If you haven't heard of Makeup Geek then you seriously need to re-evaluate your day because your about to spend the entire day buying eye shadow! Makeup Geek is owned and run by the gorgeous Marlena, she has a Youtube channel showcasing her amazing makeup skills, and giving you ideas on how to combine your Makeup Geek products. The time, planning and thought Marlena and her team put into Makeup Geek shows because each eye shadow is brilliantly named, incredibly pigmented and super blendable. Now you have a bit of a back ground on Makeup Geek lets jump right into the post and where better to start for a Monday morning than the gorgeous pink and purple shades?
Top row L-R | Cup Cake | Unexpected | Last Dance | Sensuous
Middle Row L-R | Burlesque | Bitten | Drama Queen | Mango Tango
Bottom Row L-R | Razzleberry | Wisteria | Duchess

Above shades L-R as below-
Cupcake - A matte dusky rose - perfect for the crease

Unexpected - matte medium purple with brownish undertones

Last Dance - deep purple with a brownish undertone and a slight hint of shimmer

Sensuous - deep purple with lots of shimmer

Burlesque - deep bright purple with undetones of red and brown - slight shimmer

Bitten - wine red all matte baby

Drama Queen - Very dark and true purple - looks almost black with a hint of purple in some lighting.

Mango Tango - matte coral

Razzleberry - bright pink with lots of red undertones and lots of gold sparkle...such a fun shade for a pop of colour

Wisteria - matte muted purple

Duchess - some would call this purple some blue, I guess and indigo violet shade - all matte

I hope you enjoyed the first post from Makeup Geek Week - follow my blog so you don't miss a single post!


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