Friday, 28 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Pigments

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back to +Makeup Geek Week, today I'm sharing with you two gorgeous pigments. Catch up on my previous posts by clicking the links below -

When I started getting items together to photograph for this post I genuinely thought I had so many more +Makeup Geek pigments - and actually turned my entire house upside down looking for them. But after a quick order history review I was left with the sad truth I only have two. But regardless there drop dead gorgeous pigments that need to be shared with the blogging world.
Left - Utopia | Right - Insomnia
Left - Insomnia | Right - Utopia

Can we just take a minute to drool over these swatches, how gorgeous are these pigments?! Insomnia is giving me life right now, it's just so autumn/fall. I've worn this so many times and each time someone describes it differently - my Mum picks out the plum colour, my Boyfriend loves the dark brown tones and my friends love how dual toned and vampy it looks. I pair this with different eye shadows every time I wear it and it always looks different - it's the chameleon of the beauty world.

Utopia was the first pigment that I fell for...hard. From the minute I clutched it in my hands it was never off my eyes. It is an absolute underdog - to look at, it looks chunky and a dirty gold colour - but once mixed with a setting spray it comes alive and transforms into the most gorgeous liquid gold colour. This again will look different with the eye shadows you pair it with, the deeper and darker the shades the more antique golden Utopia will look, but paired with bright and lightening shades the pigment will look a true yellow gold.

Do you have any of the +Makeup Geek pigments that you adore? I have my eye on the entire Vegas Lights series so that'll be added to my shopping cart pretty damn soon...sorrynotsorry.



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