Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - Evening Neutrals

Welcome Back to Makeup Geek Week Beauty Lovers!

I'm so sorry this post is slightly late, basically when I woke up it was so dark and foggy so i had to wait for the fog to clear before I could take any photographs - because I wasn't happy with the ones i already had. But I wanted it to be perfect so I hope you think it was worth the wait.

Yesterday I swatched the gorgeous 'Day Time' appropriate neutrals and today I'm swatching the glamorous evening neutrals. Again like I said yesterday you can wear what ever shade what ever time of the day you want, but these are some of the glamorous shades that I would use for a date night or a girls night out.

So far this week I've covered the pinks and purples (link here) and the day time neutrals (link here).
Top Row L-R | Mercury | Pretentious
Second Row L-R | Preppy | Bleached Blonde | Moon Dust
Third Row L-R | Gold Digger | Home Coming | Bada Bing | Mocha
Bottom Row L-R | Brown Sugar | Coco Bear | Godess | Glamorous | White Lies
All shades above L-R as below

White Lies - Stark high impact shimmery white. A small amount is perfect for raising your brow arch.

Glamerous - Coppery brown with lots of golden orange undertones - my ideal shade

Godess - Warm earthen red brown with a slight shimmer

Coca Bear - Matte deep red brown - ideal to smoke out any look and add definition to the crease

Brown Sugar - a flat brown with a hint of shimmer

Mocha - Deep dark warm flat brown

Bada Bing - very deep brown with lots of golden shimmer
All shades above L-R as below

Home Coming - a deep golden brown with a hint of grey - super shimmery

Moon Dust - a grey brown tone with a golden undertone - lots of shimmer

Gold Digger - Urgh I absolutely love this shade its pure shimmery liquid gold on your eyes!

Bleached Blonde - Gold Diggers more sophisticated sister - more dull gold in colour - full of shimmer

Preppy - a matte khaki green, this is the most gorgeous colour for adding drama to the crease.

Pretentious - a deep reddy brown shimmer

Mercury - full on silver shimmer

I hope you enjoyed the night time neutrals and see something that you love! Let me know what you've got your eye on.


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