Monday, 17 November 2014

Hair Oils | My Oil Routine for Soft and Moisturised Hair

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I'm pleased to say I'm back after my involuntary break from blogging, for those of you who missed it, here's my 'Where I've Been' post.

Have you ever had one of those what the?! moments, where the veils been lifted and you see something for what it truly is? Well this happened to me with my hair, it had become increasingly matted and knotty, and no matter what I applied I could not control the frizz. I don't know what caused my hair to go like this...but it did...I'm over it! I was at the hair dressers having my blonde ends toned, when coconut oil was suggested to me, from then on I've had a hair oil obsession! And  after a month of oil treatment I've got my hair into the best condition it's ever been.

I'm just want to say I'm not an oil expert, but I will share with you the results of the countless hours of research I've done so you can enjoy the benefits like me. There are two types of oil I use on my hair, one being a carrier oil, this means its safe to use alone or you can mix it with a more potent essential oil to create you own combinations. Essentials oils are not safe to use alone, they will burn and harm your skin if you use them undiluted. Essentials oils are where you can really tweak your oiling to suit your own hair needs, whether you want to treat a dry itchy scalp or in my case add moisture to your hair. You only need a few drops of these oils to see results.

The carrier oils I use are coconut and almond - I have recently added Argan oil in my routine but its too early in the process to share the results with you just yet. And the essential oils I use are Lavender, Cedarwood and Clary Sage - I wont lie these smell strong - you have been warned.

To oil my hair I simply mix 50ml of my carrier oil with 5 drops of each essential oil - my coconut oil comes as a solid so requires melting, you can do this by placing the tub into a bowl of hot water and wait a few minutes. I apply to small sections of hair from my ears down, comb through once finished and then tie my hair in a bun. I typically apply first thing in the morning and wash of before bed, but you can leave in for 30 minutes or if you wish leave in all night.

I do this once or twice a week, depending on what I'm doing that week - no one wants to leave the house with oily strong smelling hair! I added twenty drops of the essential oils to my shampoo, which I wash my hair with between treatments, so I'm getting the most out of the oils.

After a month of treatments my hair is soft and supple, the shine it has is unbelievable, and most of all I can run a brush through my hair without it getting stuck in knots! I've binned all my hair masks, serums and leave in conditioners because my I have no frizz!

I buy all my oils from Holland and Barret with the exception of coconut which I purchased from Superdrug.

I hope this gives you all the information you need to use hair oils, if you have any questions please leave me a comment or tweet me - link below.

If you already oil your hair let me know what you use and how its worked for you.


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