Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Long Overdue Post | An Update on Where I've Been & What's To Come

Hi Beauty Lovers!

After what seems like a lifetime away I'm back! I've taken a very unplanned break from my blog and social media which pained me every single day. I'm sure all bloggers can relate when I say my blog is my passion and where I can totally obsess and enthuse about makeup and beauty, so not being able to do that has really frustrated me, and I feel there are so many products being released that I have no idea about and...urgh the frustration.

The impromptu absence came about because firstly I started a new job which required me to do a hell of a lot of out of work reading and swotting up, so I put all my effort into that, then a few days into my new job myself and my partner got a date to move into the house we've bought together...yey! Then I arranged for the internet to be connected, only to be told there was a three...yes THREE... week wait for an engineer to come out and install our phone line and connect our internet. But now I'm back in the modern world with a wifi connection I can start posting again.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to update you on what I've got planned for the future of Porcelain Queen. As you know I've been trying to incorporate a few makeup looks in my posts and judging by the views you're really enjoying them, now I have my own personal space I want to eventually start filming some tutorials for you. This might not be for a while yet but I'm ready and raring to go, and I'll keep you updated on when my first video will be uploaded.

Until I start uploading to videos I aim to post every other day, starting Monday, I've got some great products, tutorials and 'How To' posts lined up for you.

Have a great week Beauty Lovers and I'll speak to you Monday!


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