Sunday, 30 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - Plum Autumn/Fall Makeup Tutorial - YouTube Video Included

 Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back to the seventh and last post in my +Makeup Geek Week Series, I hope you've all enjoyed reading as I have writing. I hope you enjoy this fall/autumn makeup look I created to round the week off - please like subscribe and comment if you loved my video :)

Catch up on the previous posts below

All +Makeup Geek eye shadows used to create this look.

I started off blending Unexpected in the crease, followed by Cupcake, I then added small amounts of Bitten. On the centre of my lid only I applied Insomnia pigment and blended Burlseque on the outer and inner third. On the lower lash line I added Insomnia in the centre and Burlesque on the outer and inner edges, and smoked it all out with a mix of Unexpected and Cupcake. I finished off the look with a thin line of liquid eye liner and added some lashes for extra drama.

I hope this has given you some fall/autumn inspiration. For more photos check out my Pinterest - link below.



Saturday, 29 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - My All Time Favourites

Welcome Back Beauty Lovers!

Today I'm sharing with you my all time favourite +Makeup Geek eye shadows. This post was really hard for me because I only wanted to choose 12 shades - so they'd fit in my travel palette - and I love them all so much. I had them all lined up in colour order - obviously - and I went through each one, and finally I came to a decisive 12.

Before I share them with you here's a list of links to the other +Makeup Geek Week posts so far -

Top Row L-R | Bling | Shimma Shimma | Beaches & Cream | Gold Digger
Middle Row L-R | Cinderella | Unexpected | Bitten | Burlesque
Bottom Row L-R | Preppy | Home Coming | Envy | Mermaid
Above shades L-R as below

Bling - I love love LOVE this as an all over highlighter - it's a off white high impact shimmer shade with a hint of cream. Its also a cracking dupe for MAC Nylon.

Shimma Shimma - like I've mentioned previously this is the shade that got me hooked on +Makeup Geek, I love this for adding drama to the inner corners or patting over the centre of my lid to add a pop of shimmer.

Cinderella - this is my go to day time shade, if I'm nipping out for a few hours I apply this all over my lid and blend into the crease and I'm done - one eye shadow and one brush - easy peasy.

Beaches and Cream - if you watch any YouTube Guru you'll have heard Beaches and Cream mentioned a million and one times - it's the perfect blending shade and transition shade. It matches my fair complexion perfectly.

Gold Digger - I love this shade for adding drama and impact to an eye look, a dab on the inner corners makes a fun alternate to a subtle highlight. I love gold smoky eyes and this is the shade I reach for constantly.

Preppy - This is one of those shades where you think 'I wouldn't wear that' oh how wrong you are! This is a must for blending out deep, especially metallic, browns, it really adds impact to your look. You can use this lightly for a day time look or build colour slowly for a night time look.

Above shades L-R as below

Home Coming - I love to pair this with Preppy for a night time effortless blown out eye look. The high impact shimmer oozes glam and the orange tones make it perfect for green eyes.

Unexpected - this was an unexpected favourite of mine, see what I did there? I've been loving adding this to my crease to help blend out deep plum tones, and it works perfectly against my cool toned, fair complexion.

Bitten - I think everyone and their cat loves Bitten, it's such a vampy autumn/fall colour. Everyone has room in their makeup collection for Bitten its a staple, must have colour.

Burlesque - just because its fall and just because I love plummy, cranberry eyes. Burlesque is the deeper shimmery sister to Bitten and they work perfectly together.

Mermaid - This shade will always have a soft spot in my heart, this was in the first ever order I made from +Makeup Geek. I love wearing this in Summer under the lower lash line for a fun look, or mixing with a sealing gel to create a fun bright eyeliner.

Envy - I fell in love with this shade thanks to +Jaclyn Hill, she created an 'Envious Mermaid' look on her YouTube channel and I was in love...instantly. Its another deep vampy colour perfect for fall/autumn. It also makes a great alternative to black for adding drama and smoking eye shadows out.

Do you have any favourite shades? Let me know what you love and why you love it.


Friday, 28 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Pigments

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back to +Makeup Geek Week, today I'm sharing with you two gorgeous pigments. Catch up on my previous posts by clicking the links below -

When I started getting items together to photograph for this post I genuinely thought I had so many more +Makeup Geek pigments - and actually turned my entire house upside down looking for them. But after a quick order history review I was left with the sad truth I only have two. But regardless there drop dead gorgeous pigments that need to be shared with the blogging world.
Left - Utopia | Right - Insomnia
Left - Insomnia | Right - Utopia

Can we just take a minute to drool over these swatches, how gorgeous are these pigments?! Insomnia is giving me life right now, it's just so autumn/fall. I've worn this so many times and each time someone describes it differently - my Mum picks out the plum colour, my Boyfriend loves the dark brown tones and my friends love how dual toned and vampy it looks. I pair this with different eye shadows every time I wear it and it always looks different - it's the chameleon of the beauty world.

Utopia was the first pigment that I fell for...hard. From the minute I clutched it in my hands it was never off my eyes. It is an absolute underdog - to look at, it looks chunky and a dirty gold colour - but once mixed with a setting spray it comes alive and transforms into the most gorgeous liquid gold colour. This again will look different with the eye shadows you pair it with, the deeper and darker the shades the more antique golden Utopia will look, but paired with bright and lightening shades the pigment will look a true yellow gold.

Do you have any of the +Makeup Geek pigments that you adore? I have my eye on the entire Vegas Lights series so that'll be added to my shopping cart pretty damn soon...sorrynotsorry.



Thursday, 27 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Greens

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Im back with the fourth post in my Makeup Geek Week series I hope you're enjoying these posts as much as I am. Todays post features the gorgeous greens and blue tones.

So far this week I've covered pinks and purples (LINK HERE), day time neutrals (LINK HERE) and night time neutrals (LINK HERE).
Top Row L-R | Pixie Dust | Appletini | Shimmermint | Poison Ivy
Middle Row L-R | Dirty Martini | Envy | Mermaid | Sea Mist
Bottom Row L-R | Peacock | Ocean Breeze
Above shades L-R as below

Pixie Dust - one of my ultimate favourite shades its a golden lime shade - so unique and unusual

Appletini - grass green with a subtle silver shimmer

Shimmermint - pale green with yellow undertones and lots of shimmer

Poison Ivy - a pale shimmery khaki green

Dirty Martini - a matte deep khaki green

Envy - a very deep forest green with lots of blue shimmer - gorgeous

Mermaid - a bright teal blue with silver shimmer

Sea Mist - a mid tone green with blue undertones and a subtle shimmer

Peacock - matte deep teal blue/green

Ocean Breeze - very dark blue - a slightly darker and shimmery version of peacock

Would you be daring enough to wear these shades? Which ones do you love?


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - Evening Neutrals

Welcome Back to Makeup Geek Week Beauty Lovers!

I'm so sorry this post is slightly late, basically when I woke up it was so dark and foggy so i had to wait for the fog to clear before I could take any photographs - because I wasn't happy with the ones i already had. But I wanted it to be perfect so I hope you think it was worth the wait.

Yesterday I swatched the gorgeous 'Day Time' appropriate neutrals and today I'm swatching the glamorous evening neutrals. Again like I said yesterday you can wear what ever shade what ever time of the day you want, but these are some of the glamorous shades that I would use for a date night or a girls night out.

So far this week I've covered the pinks and purples (link here) and the day time neutrals (link here).
Top Row L-R | Mercury | Pretentious
Second Row L-R | Preppy | Bleached Blonde | Moon Dust
Third Row L-R | Gold Digger | Home Coming | Bada Bing | Mocha
Bottom Row L-R | Brown Sugar | Coco Bear | Godess | Glamorous | White Lies
All shades above L-R as below

White Lies - Stark high impact shimmery white. A small amount is perfect for raising your brow arch.

Glamerous - Coppery brown with lots of golden orange undertones - my ideal shade

Godess - Warm earthen red brown with a slight shimmer

Coca Bear - Matte deep red brown - ideal to smoke out any look and add definition to the crease

Brown Sugar - a flat brown with a hint of shimmer

Mocha - Deep dark warm flat brown

Bada Bing - very deep brown with lots of golden shimmer
All shades above L-R as below

Home Coming - a deep golden brown with a hint of grey - super shimmery

Moon Dust - a grey brown tone with a golden undertone - lots of shimmer

Gold Digger - Urgh I absolutely love this shade its pure shimmery liquid gold on your eyes!

Bleached Blonde - Gold Diggers more sophisticated sister - more dull gold in colour - full of shimmer

Preppy - a matte khaki green, this is the most gorgeous colour for adding drama to the crease.

Pretentious - a deep reddy brown shimmer

Mercury - full on silver shimmer

I hope you enjoyed the night time neutrals and see something that you love! Let me know what you've got your eye on.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Day Time Neutrals

Welcome Back to Makeup Geek Week Beauty Lovers!

Following yesterdays beautifully bright pink and purples I thought I'd share the 'day time' appropriate neutrals - although if your like me I'd rock Razzleberry to the corner shop! But if you prefer more muted and neutral washes of colours for the day then these are the shades for you. If you missed yesterdays post read it HERE

A lot of this shades are matte, but for me personally I dont imagine many people - i certainly cannot - rock a fully on shimmer eye look for work. If you can, one I'm super jealous and two make sure you check out tomorrows post because you'll love the 'Night Time' neutrals.
 Top Row L-R | Vanilla Bean | Bling | Shimma Shimma | Beaches and Cream
Middle Row L-R | Peach Smoothie | Creme Brulee | Purely Naked | Latte
Bottom Row L-R | Hipster | Cinderella
L-R | Vanilla Bean | Bling | Shimma Shimma | Beaches and Cream | Peach Smoothie

Vanilla Bean - the perfect blending shade for those with fairer skin tones, or to sweep over the lid to even out the skin tone.

Bling - a subtle golden shimmery highlight shade, I love using this for an under brow highlight.

  Shimma Shimma - this is the colour that got me hooked on Makeup Geek, its such a gorgeous pink toned high impact shimmery eye shadow. I wear this on pretty much a daily basis I think I'm nearly at pan on this shade!

Beaches and Cream - a warm matte light peach shade perfect for a transition shade.

Peach Smoothie - they named this shade perfectly - it really is just a peach smoothie colour - a step up from beaches and cream -  matte, slightly darker and more warm toned.
L-R | Creme Brulee | Purely Naked | Latte | Hipster | Cinderella

Creme Brulee - a warm toned matte tan brown - ideal to sweep through the crease for a quick day time minimalist eye look.

Purely Naked - this is in my eyes the shimmery sister to Creme Brulee. It makes a perefect lid colour that can be blended into the crease for a Purely Naked eye look.

Latte - a step up from Creme Brulee and Purely Naked, deeper, warmer and matte.

Hipster - a cool toned medium brown with hints of silver shimmer. 

Cinderella - this is another of my favourite minimalist easy shades. A cool toned rose pink with silver shimmer.

That concludes today's post, let me know which shades you love in the comments.



Monday, 24 November 2014

Makeup Geek Week - The Pinks

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome to the start of Makeup Geek Week, over the next 7 days I'll be sharing 7 posts all dedicated to Makeup Geek products. If you share my enthusiasm and passion for Makeup Geek click here to follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss a single post and we can be friends!

If you haven't heard of Makeup Geek then you seriously need to re-evaluate your day because your about to spend the entire day buying eye shadow! Makeup Geek is owned and run by the gorgeous Marlena, she has a Youtube channel showcasing her amazing makeup skills, and giving you ideas on how to combine your Makeup Geek products. The time, planning and thought Marlena and her team put into Makeup Geek shows because each eye shadow is brilliantly named, incredibly pigmented and super blendable. Now you have a bit of a back ground on Makeup Geek lets jump right into the post and where better to start for a Monday morning than the gorgeous pink and purple shades?
Top row L-R | Cup Cake | Unexpected | Last Dance | Sensuous
Middle Row L-R | Burlesque | Bitten | Drama Queen | Mango Tango
Bottom Row L-R | Razzleberry | Wisteria | Duchess

Above shades L-R as below-
Cupcake - A matte dusky rose - perfect for the crease

Unexpected - matte medium purple with brownish undertones

Last Dance - deep purple with a brownish undertone and a slight hint of shimmer

Sensuous - deep purple with lots of shimmer

Burlesque - deep bright purple with undetones of red and brown - slight shimmer

Bitten - wine red all matte baby

Drama Queen - Very dark and true purple - looks almost black with a hint of purple in some lighting.

Mango Tango - matte coral

Razzleberry - bright pink with lots of red undertones and lots of gold sparkle...such a fun shade for a pop of colour

Wisteria - matte muted purple

Duchess - some would call this purple some blue, I guess and indigo violet shade - all matte

I hope you enjoyed the first post from Makeup Geek Week - follow my blog so you don't miss a single post!


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette | First Impressions

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Recently I had a small splurge in Debenhams, they were offering a 10% discount on all beauty brands, I saw this as an opportunity to buy a few items I'd had my eye on for a while as well as three impulse buys. Today's feature was very much an impulse buy...

My love of Urban Decay is unbreakable, it has a special place in my heart - always has done always will do. Their eyeshadow palettes consist of heavenly shades and formulas housed in quirky and unique packaging - and this palette is no exception. I still remember my first Urban Decay eye shadow - it was a single in Smog - I wore it until I hit pan and carried on wearing it even when the remaining last bits had crumbled into dust - ahh those were the days!

If you don't own a single Urban Decay eye shadow just stop reading and buy one...seriously! 

The Vice 3 palette arrives housed in a beautiful printed sleeve - its advertised as a make-up brush holder but I use it for my Ipad..shhh, Urban Decay in my eyes never fail on their impeccable packing! The palette has the same print with a mirrored reflective surface and jewelled - yes jewelled - vice name embellished on the front. Inside are 20 all new and exclusive and insanely gorgeous eye shadows enough to convert the hard core neutral lovers. The shades come in a mixture of finishes, from matte to shimmer.

The price is irrelevant to me because its that gorgeous of a product - but lets be real you're getting a make up brush bag, twenty brand new eye shadows and one of the typical eye shadow shader/blending brush - which to be honest are pretty decent. But if you must insist on knowing the price - £42 - making each eye shadow £2.10!

I will be following this post up with swatches and my thoughts on each individual formula - but for now I'll leave you to drool...


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer | Review | Is It Worth the Hype?

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today's post is on a product that I've been using for a long time now, but never got round to doing a review, as you've guessed from the title its on MAC Cosmetics infamous Pro Longwear Concealer. If you watch any YouTube Guru you've heard this concealer mention a million and one times. Everyone and their mum has this concealer it's a cult classic, but is it really worth the hype it gets?
The Pro Longwear concealer comes in a wide variety of shades in the typical NC and NW choices, I myself have NW 15. It comes in a small glass bottle with a pump applicator, which on good days I love because its hygenic,  and 99% of the time you can control the amount of product dispensed - however on bad days I fall into the 1% of the time and pump out way too much! When I originally saw it my first reaction was 'is that it?' because it really is that small of a bottle, but after using it for around four months I am yet to make a dent in the product.

The formula is medium thickness, creamy and easily blendable. A small amount goes a hell of a long way, I typically use half a pea sized amount to conceal around my nose and under eyes. It does require setting, this isn't a concealer you can apply in a rush. You can use this as an eyeshadow base but I find you need to take some of the tackiness away with a quick sweep of a flesh toned eyeshadow or your first eye shadow will cling and not blend easily.

For me this product is worth the hype, its become a firm favourite in my morning routine. Now for the price £17, but come on it''s MAC so you know already know what I'm going to say, your going to pay more than you typical drug store concealer but for me its worth it.

Have you tried this concealer? What are you thoughts?



Monday, 17 November 2014

Hair Oils | My Oil Routine for Soft and Moisturised Hair

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I'm pleased to say I'm back after my involuntary break from blogging, for those of you who missed it, here's my 'Where I've Been' post.

Have you ever had one of those what the?! moments, where the veils been lifted and you see something for what it truly is? Well this happened to me with my hair, it had become increasingly matted and knotty, and no matter what I applied I could not control the frizz. I don't know what caused my hair to go like this...but it did...I'm over it! I was at the hair dressers having my blonde ends toned, when coconut oil was suggested to me, from then on I've had a hair oil obsession! And  after a month of oil treatment I've got my hair into the best condition it's ever been.

I'm just want to say I'm not an oil expert, but I will share with you the results of the countless hours of research I've done so you can enjoy the benefits like me. There are two types of oil I use on my hair, one being a carrier oil, this means its safe to use alone or you can mix it with a more potent essential oil to create you own combinations. Essentials oils are not safe to use alone, they will burn and harm your skin if you use them undiluted. Essentials oils are where you can really tweak your oiling to suit your own hair needs, whether you want to treat a dry itchy scalp or in my case add moisture to your hair. You only need a few drops of these oils to see results.

The carrier oils I use are coconut and almond - I have recently added Argan oil in my routine but its too early in the process to share the results with you just yet. And the essential oils I use are Lavender, Cedarwood and Clary Sage - I wont lie these smell strong - you have been warned.

To oil my hair I simply mix 50ml of my carrier oil with 5 drops of each essential oil - my coconut oil comes as a solid so requires melting, you can do this by placing the tub into a bowl of hot water and wait a few minutes. I apply to small sections of hair from my ears down, comb through once finished and then tie my hair in a bun. I typically apply first thing in the morning and wash of before bed, but you can leave in for 30 minutes or if you wish leave in all night.

I do this once or twice a week, depending on what I'm doing that week - no one wants to leave the house with oily strong smelling hair! I added twenty drops of the essential oils to my shampoo, which I wash my hair with between treatments, so I'm getting the most out of the oils.

After a month of treatments my hair is soft and supple, the shine it has is unbelievable, and most of all I can run a brush through my hair without it getting stuck in knots! I've binned all my hair masks, serums and leave in conditioners because my I have no frizz!

I buy all my oils from Holland and Barret with the exception of coconut which I purchased from Superdrug.

I hope this gives you all the information you need to use hair oils, if you have any questions please leave me a comment or tweet me - link below.

If you already oil your hair let me know what you use and how its worked for you.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Long Overdue Post | An Update on Where I've Been & What's To Come

Hi Beauty Lovers!

After what seems like a lifetime away I'm back! I've taken a very unplanned break from my blog and social media which pained me every single day. I'm sure all bloggers can relate when I say my blog is my passion and where I can totally obsess and enthuse about makeup and beauty, so not being able to do that has really frustrated me, and I feel there are so many products being released that I have no idea about and...urgh the frustration.

The impromptu absence came about because firstly I started a new job which required me to do a hell of a lot of out of work reading and swotting up, so I put all my effort into that, then a few days into my new job myself and my partner got a date to move into the house we've bought together...yey! Then I arranged for the internet to be connected, only to be told there was a three...yes THREE... week wait for an engineer to come out and install our phone line and connect our internet. But now I'm back in the modern world with a wifi connection I can start posting again.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to update you on what I've got planned for the future of Porcelain Queen. As you know I've been trying to incorporate a few makeup looks in my posts and judging by the views you're really enjoying them, now I have my own personal space I want to eventually start filming some tutorials for you. This might not be for a while yet but I'm ready and raring to go, and I'll keep you updated on when my first video will be uploaded.

Until I start uploading to videos I aim to post every other day, starting Monday, I've got some great products, tutorials and 'How To' posts lined up for you.

Have a great week Beauty Lovers and I'll speak to you Monday!

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