Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Inglot #77 Gel Liner | Swatches and Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I want to share with you an eyeliner that so creamy and smooth you could butter your toast with it! I'm talking about the Inglot Eyeliner Gel, its the most pigmented black gel eyeliner I have ever used, as well as it being one of the cheapest.

A lot my UK readers might not know much about Inglot, I only discovered the brand at IMATS but due to the queues at the stall I only grabbed the gel eyeliner, which is a shame because I've recently discovered they have a huge selection of reasonably priced products.
So lets start from the outside, granted the pot isn't the easiest on the eyes, there is definitely prettier packaging out their, however its practical and seemingly air tight, its been open for three months and theirs no tell tale sign of it drying out. The pot might look small and petite but it holds more product than rivalling MAC and Illamasqua versions, at a fraction of the price.

Now for the fun bit, the formula...what can I say about this eyeliner? I cannot compare this formula to any other product as I've never used anything as smooth and perfect in my life. Once you've applied this matte black liner will stay put, giving you perfect smudge proof wings. The colour pay off is the best I've sampled, no need for extra layers and no need to set it with a black eye shadow.

Inglot sell...are you ready for it...24 shades of this eyeliner, from the down right bright to the everyday subtle shades, there's a eye liner to suit everyone's taste.

Have you tries any Inglot products? What do you recommend?


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