Sunday, 7 September 2014

How to Make Your Own Makeup Palette | DIY

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is a definitely a first here on Porcelain Queen, I recently made my own eye shadow palette and I thought why not share my method with my beautiful readers. And plus I really like reading 'DIY' posts and I hope you do too.
What You'll Need //
- Any container of you're choice to act as your palette. I chose a Benefit 'Groovy Kinda Love' tin I had hoarded away from last Christmas. Your chosen container doesn't have to be metal just choose something pretty with a lid so your eye shadows wont get damaged.

- Self adhesive metallic sheet. You can buy these on Ebay, mine cost £1.80 for an A4 sheet.

- Your depotted eye shadows.

- A pair of scissors.

Method //
Step One // cut small squares of the metallic sheet and magnetise them to the back of your depotted eye shadows.

Step Two // Plan where you want your eye shadows to be and remove the backing off the metallic sheet and stick them into place.

Step Three // Admire your new palette.

I hope you found this post interesting and maybe try this out yourself at home. If you do make your own palette please tag me in any photos you take using @porcelainqueen1 on both twitter and instagram.


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