Thursday, 4 September 2014

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit | Swatches & Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Long time no speak, I've had such a crazy few weeks and I didn't have any posts scheduled and waiting to post, so unfortunately my blog has suffered slightly. But fear not I'm back in business...

Brows are undeniably a big deal to any girl and we spend a long time preening and combing and gelling them so they look on point. I'm sure any beauty lover has a small stash of eyebrow products, I certainly own more brow powders then you can shake a stick at.

I bought this eyebrow kit absolutely ages ago, after watching +Shaaanxo use it over and over again, but after using it once I thought the colour was too warm for me and it was pushed to the bottom of my beauty stash. I was self admittedly fearful of the tinted wax so I'd never fully given this product a fair chance. After recently falling in love with NYX wax pencil brow shaper [review here] I decided to give the ELF wax another go and I was pleasantly surprised.

E.L.F Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit £3.95
L - R | Powder & Wax | Wax Alone | Powder Alone
The powder and the wax alone look, for lack of a better word, iffy, but when paired together they create the perfect shade that complements my skin tone and works in harmony with my natural brow colour. Using a tinted wax can be messy to say the least so a good precise brush is a must along with a concealer to eliminate any mistakes.
The brush included isn't great but for £3.95 you really cant grumble, and you can pick a good quality brush up for next to nothing.
If I fancy bold brows then I use this kit to really carve out the tail end of my brows and I lightly feather a lighter powder through the front to give them a fluffy appearance.
Which products did you loathe but now you love? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing how the product managed to change you mind.

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