Sunday, 10 August 2014

R & Co Bel Air Hair Care | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!
It's been a while since I've done a hair care review so I thought I'd spice things up and talk about a sample I was given on my first visit to Space NK.
I've put off doing this review for a while because well honestly I didn't think this shampoo conditioner combo would be good for my hair, mainly due to the small sample size, but my socks have been pleasantly knocked off!
Left | R + Co 'Bel Air' Smoothing Shampoo * | RRP £22
Right |  R + Co 'Bel Air' Smoothing Conditoner* | RRP £23
Can I just start by saying how amazing the packaging is, I love the images, each hair care collection has it's own imagery, all which are stunning, and a welcome change from the current bottles found on the hair care shelves.
Each formula is paraben free, these nasty molecules prevent the growth of microorganisms within cosmetics and hair care products, at first glace they sound helpful, however the level of paraben found in cancerous tumours is the same as that found in a standard size conditioner...not helpful at all! They also don't contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is the skin irritating, foaming agent found in everything from tooth paste to hand wash.
On first impressions the shampoo was thick and gloopy, similar in consistency to a thick hair mask, I found this made it hard to massage it into my hair. I found the shampoo didn't foam what so ever, this would be the lack of SLS, this did give me the impression that my hair wasn't truly clean. The conditioner was even thicker but I do like my conditioners to be thick, it gives me the impression they're more smoothing and conditioning. I worked it through the ends and the little that was left I smoothed over my roots. After rinsing I noticed my hair felt a lot rougher than after my usual routine, but it somehow felt stronger. I left my hair to dry naturally as I normally would and that was when  the magic happened. My hair did not frizz one bit, and my hair usually poofs and frizzes after a hair mask, leave in conditioner and serum.
Strictly on first impressions alone I'm loving the R+Co 'Bel Air' range, its made my hair thicker and lighter after just one wash, probably due to the lack of product in my hair. Sadly this product will have to stay on my wish list, the hefty price tag sadly puts me off purchasing the full size bottles.
Have you tried any R+Co products? What were you thoughts?
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