Sunday, 17 August 2014

ELF Studio Cream Blusher | Swatches & Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is all about the fear invoking product that is cream blusher, I've had this +e.l.f. Cosmetics cream blusher for a fair few months now, but its always intimidated me, it wasn't until these recent warmer days that I've opted to use more sheer products, one of those being this blush.
E.L.F Studio Cream Blush 'Flirt' | RRP £6.50

Sheer and cream blush are three words I thought I'd never utter, however the sun seems to be agreeing with my skin, now I'm not about to go au naturel, however I have swapped my heavy duty foundation for my Bourjois Happy Light foundation.

This cream blusher may look scary, and you would most definitely be spot on, however if you use a gentle hand, this product will give you a light and natural wash of colour. Coming from a self confessed blusherphobe must tell you how easy and simple this product is to apply. The colour is very buildable without appearing thick and cakey, when applying always think less is more and you cannot go wrong. I don't think E.L.F advertise this as waterproof, but it require some serious elbow grease to remove, making it incredibly long wearing.

The packaging is absolutely huge, this would last you a lifetime, for the small amount of product you actually need you'd never hit pan. The price is very affordable, and E.L.F always have fabulous offers for you to take advantage of.

Have you tried cream blushers? What are your thoughts?


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