Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mini Zoeva Brush Haul | Review #2

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I'm back with another Zoeva mini haul, err does three brushes actually count as a haul? My previous Zoeva haul post is my most popular one to date, it receives crazy amounts of views each week, its obvious that people really love Zoeva products, and in particular their brushes.

I bought all three brushes at IMATS a couple of months back from the Love Makeup stall, this is the website I bought my previous brushes from, I highly recommend their service. Their also stockists of brands such as Wayne Goss, Rae Morris, Lime Crime, OCC, and tons more.

You can see my first Zoeva brush haul HERE and a Zoeva mini haul HERE, now your up to date lets get started...

Zoeva | Luxe Pencil Brush | £5.95
Out of all the brushes I have I was shocked to discover I did not own a pencil brush...I know its crazy! A pencil brush is so versatile and a jack of all trades, its the perfect size for packing on colour in the outer V of your eye, and applying and blending out colour under the lower lash line. This Zoeva brush is so petit and soft that it makes applying eye shadow a dream. When the brush is fresh and clean I love using it to apply my under brow highlight colour, the pointed tip makes it perfect for sculpting out my arch.
Now lets talk details, this teeny weeny brush measures in at a pocket sized 10mm tall and a miniscule 5mm wide, now that's the perfect size for the delicate areas of your eye.

Zoeva | Soft Paint Liner Brush | £5.50
I bought this brush as a long over due replacement of my MAC 206 brush, the poor thing was splitting hairs and flaking, so its hung up its boots and it's currently enjoying retirement. This brush if you can imagine is an even thinner version of the MAC 206, its synthetic hairs grab onto your gel liner without soaking up excess product to create a perfectly feline winged line.

Zoeva | Detail Liner Brush | £5.50
This brush is my absolute new obsession, how did I ever do my eyeliner without this in my life? As soon as I used this brush the clouds parted and the sun shone down, it seriously is the bees knees! It creates a seamless perfect line in one sweep of the brush, paired with the soft paint liner, you simpley cannot fail at creating the perfect black winged liner.

Are you ready for the measurements of this microscopic brush? 6mm at its highest and 4mm at its smallest and its a measly 1mm thick, now that precision for you!

The prices of these brushes are insanely reasonable, and the quality is unmatched, Zoeva truly are my favourite brand of brush and I encourage everyone to have a nosey one their website, you'll all find something that you need to try.

Now lets talk ordering, I've order direct from the Zoeva HQ in Germany, and I've ordered through Love Makeup, I was happy with both ways, and I don't prefer one over the other. I will say if you order from Love Makeup you have a large range of brands to chose from so you could buy a Lime Crime Velevetine whilst your at it..oof I'm like a devil on your shoulder!


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