Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back beauties, firstly I want to apologise for slacking with my posts last week, but I had very good reasons, number one.. I bought a house and number two... I got a new job! And on top of all that I worked a 56 hour week, so all in all I was a very busy bee!

The first time I caught sight of this bristled beauty I knew that we were destined to have an unhealthy relationship. I'd heard a ridiculous amount of amazingly good reviews but annoyingly I could never get my hands on it, so when I saw it at IMATS I dived right on it.
There are so many things I love about this brush, from the perfectly sized handle to the white tipped bristles. Now lets chat about the bristles for a second, not only are they stupidly soft but they are also so densely packed that they literally blend your foundation away in seconds and make easy work of the awkward contours of your face. I love that the bristles are white tipped, its so satisfying seeing the bristles squeaky clean after each wash.

This brush makes your foundation routine so simple and has saved me precious minutes each morning, I most defiantly wont be turning back now I've discovered this brush.

So where can you buy this brush? Well you have a few choices, you can order through a UK stockist, however you don't have choice of the full selection, or you can bite the bullet and order direct from America and pay the import fees.

I'm really keen to build on my small collection of Sigma brushes, so fire your suggestions at me!


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