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Porcelain Queen Archives | ELF Lipsticks | #1

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Recently I've been on an impromptu spending ban of sorts, since buying my first ever home, my money's been ear marked for none beauty essentials, this puts a limit on the amount of products I can review, so I thought I would start a couple of feature posts to keep my blog content fresh.

The first feature post was my 'Eye of the Day' series, (which you can see here), and the second series will be more reflective posts. I thought it would be fun to re-review my previously reviewed products, gosh that was a mouthful, and see what my thoughts are now, it gives you beauty lovers an idea on how long products last and if they still reside in my everyday makeup bag.

So looking back on my first ever review, I blogged about four +e.l.f. Cosmetics lipsticks, so catch up on the orginal review first, and then lets find out what I think of them now...
ELF Lip Stain | Red Carpet | £3.95

Top Centre - ELF Mineral Lipstick | Rich Raspberry | £5.00
Bottom Left - ELF Lipstick | Sociable | £1.95
Bottom Right - ELF Lipstick | Classy | £1.95

Left to Right | Sociable | Classy | Red Carpet | Rich Raspberry
Let me start off by saying for high quality low cost makeup, no brand can rival ELF, I have several staple products from ELF that I cant live without. I have bucket loads of ELF products and their lip products are among my favourite of their products, especially the £1.95 lipstick range.
I love fun and playful pink lip shades, so its no surprise that I own Sociable and Red Carpet, probably the two most bright and mischievous shades sold, however during the Autumn/Winter seasons, when I originally bought these products, I was trying out deep mauve and burgundy colours, that's where Rich Raspberry comes in.
After using these for months and months, I've come to appreciate the smooth buttery texture the lower priced lipstick range boasts, I find I can pull these products off even without balming my lips beforehand, whereas the Mineral lipstick is a much harder formula which seeks out my dry patches like a moth to a flame.
I find I wear Classy and Red Carpet the most, classy is similar to MAC Saint Germain, but has a more glossy pink finish. I wear Red Carpet on days where I want some serious pout power, it dries with a semi-matte finish, or can be glossed up with the handy clear gloss included, it has high grade staying power and will not budge all day. You can amp up the impact by pairing it with your favourite matching gloss, I opt to use my YSL Gloss Volupte (swatches here). I love pairing it with a classic black winged liner, as it makes the perfect alternative to a red lip.
If I was to jump behind the wheel of my DeLorean I would avoid purchasing Sociable and Rich Raspberry and invest in more of the gorgeous stains ELF have to offer.
I hope you enjoyed the first Porcelain Queen Archives, I will be doing this once a month, so if there's a product you want me to revisit or if your curious about whether I still use a specific item then let me know in the comments.

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