Thursday, 10 July 2014

Benefit Benebalm | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back, today I have a very summer appropriate post, a few weeks ago my beautiful friend +Charlotte-Louise Thompson gave me a Benefit Benebalm as a surprise present, and like always I fell in love with my new product instantly.

I'm sure by now everyone and their cat has one of these delightful lip balms, however I literally can not get my mits on these anywhere, I've tried two airports, Benefit counters and even a Benefit shop...luckily I have an amazing friend who saw my disappointment gifted me one...yippee.
Swatch of Benefit's Cha Cha Benebalm

I think Benefit have outdone themselves with the packaging, I love, love, LOVE the peach tinted metal effect casing, it screams girlie sophistication. I think Benefit have really stepped up their game packaging wise, they seemed to have a phase of flawed products, but recently they've been knocking out one success after another.

 I  annoyingly suffer from dry lips, and even more annoyingly only a small fraction of lip balms actually moisturise my lips after the products absorbed, and  Cha Cha Balm is one of them, it has a surprisingly thick consistency with a beautiful peach/coral tint, urgh its perfection. The tint is very subtle and not buildable at all, however pair it with the Cha Cha tint for a perfect coral lip colour.

I've only had it a few weeks but already I love pairing it with thick winged eyeliner and a full set of lashes for a simple yet pretty summer daytime look.

 I seriously want them every single one...seriously!

Let me know which of the balms you want/need/have, I love to chat to you.


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