Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ombre Festival Eyeliner | EOTD #3

Hi Beauty Lovers!
For todays look I wanted to create something bright, bold and easy, that's ideal for wearing at a festival. So with that in mind I created an ombre rainbow liner, its basic but jazzy, sort of like dressy casual...its hard to define. Basically with festival season upon us I wanted to create something that you could recreate in 5 minutes in a baking hot tent, obviously the lashes are optional, however they're super easy to apply and they look awesome.
This look is so easy to create, all you need is a white eyeshadow base or a white eyeliner pencil to create a winged eyeliner, then layer your chosen rainbow shades on top and voila you have bright ombre eyeliner perfect for a festival!
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 Products Used //

Eyeliner | NYX - Eyeshadow Base - White
1st Eyeshadow | MAC - Violet Pigment (purple)
2nd Eyeshadow | Makeup Geek - Mermaid (blue)
3rd Eyeshadow | Urban Decay - Graffiti (green)
4th Eyeshadow | Makup Geek - Pixie Dust (golden yellow)
5th Eyeshadow | Sugarpill - Asylum Pigment (red)
Crease Colour | Benefit - Hoola (bronzer)
Mascara | Benefit - Bad Gal
False Eyelashes | Red Cherry - DW
Eyelash Glue | Duo - Dark

Brushes Used To Apply //

Highlighter | Zoeva - 230 Luxe Pencil
Crease Colour | Sigma - E45 Small Tapered Blending
Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Base | Zoeva - Detailed Liner
Eyeshadows | Real Techniques - Accent Brush

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mini Zoeva Brush Haul | Review #2

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I'm back with another Zoeva mini haul, err does three brushes actually count as a haul? My previous Zoeva haul post is my most popular one to date, it receives crazy amounts of views each week, its obvious that people really love Zoeva products, and in particular their brushes.

I bought all three brushes at IMATS a couple of months back from the Love Makeup stall, this is the website I bought my previous brushes from, I highly recommend their service. Their also stockists of brands such as Wayne Goss, Rae Morris, Lime Crime, OCC, and tons more.

You can see my first Zoeva brush haul HERE and a Zoeva mini haul HERE, now your up to date lets get started...

Zoeva | Luxe Pencil Brush | £5.95
Out of all the brushes I have I was shocked to discover I did not own a pencil brush...I know its crazy! A pencil brush is so versatile and a jack of all trades, its the perfect size for packing on colour in the outer V of your eye, and applying and blending out colour under the lower lash line. This Zoeva brush is so petit and soft that it makes applying eye shadow a dream. When the brush is fresh and clean I love using it to apply my under brow highlight colour, the pointed tip makes it perfect for sculpting out my arch.
Now lets talk details, this teeny weeny brush measures in at a pocket sized 10mm tall and a miniscule 5mm wide, now that's the perfect size for the delicate areas of your eye.

Zoeva | Soft Paint Liner Brush | £5.50
I bought this brush as a long over due replacement of my MAC 206 brush, the poor thing was splitting hairs and flaking, so its hung up its boots and it's currently enjoying retirement. This brush if you can imagine is an even thinner version of the MAC 206, its synthetic hairs grab onto your gel liner without soaking up excess product to create a perfectly feline winged line.

Zoeva | Detail Liner Brush | £5.50
This brush is my absolute new obsession, how did I ever do my eyeliner without this in my life? As soon as I used this brush the clouds parted and the sun shone down, it seriously is the bees knees! It creates a seamless perfect line in one sweep of the brush, paired with the soft paint liner, you simpley cannot fail at creating the perfect black winged liner.

Are you ready for the measurements of this microscopic brush? 6mm at its highest and 4mm at its smallest and its a measly 1mm thick, now that precision for you!

The prices of these brushes are insanely reasonable, and the quality is unmatched, Zoeva truly are my favourite brand of brush and I encourage everyone to have a nosey one their website, you'll all find something that you need to try.

Now lets talk ordering, I've order direct from the Zoeva HQ in Germany, and I've ordered through Love Makeup, I was happy with both ways, and I don't prefer one over the other. I will say if you order from Love Makeup you have a large range of brands to chose from so you could buy a Lime Crime Velevetine whilst your at it..oof I'm like a devil on your shoulder!


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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Black and Purple Eye | EOTD #2

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I'm bringing you another look from my Eye of the Day series, this one includes another of my favourite pigments, Violet by MAC. I opted to create a more dark and dramatic rounded smoky eye, which is something I don't usually wear. This is the first time I've ever worn/created a look like this and I'm really pleased with how it came out, I am still figuring out how to take a good close up image so the purple pigment didn't pop on camera as much as it did in person, but hopefully that's something I'll get better at. In the mean time if you have any tips then please share them with me!

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EOTD #1 | Black & Gold
Products Used //

Primer | NYX - Skin Colour Eye Base
Highlight Colour | Benefit - Tickle my Ivory
Transition Colour | Makeup Geek - Beaches and Cream
Crease Colours | Makeup Geek - Peach Smoothie & Benefit - Hoola (bronzer) & Benefit - Kiss me I'm Tipsy
Outer & Inner Corner | Urban Decay - Blackout
Middle Lid Colour | MAC - Violet Pigment  
Mascara | Benefit - They're Real
False Eyelashes | Red Cherry - 43's
Eyelash Glue | Duo - Dark

Brushes Used To Apply//

Highlighter | Zoeva - 230 Luxe Pencil
Transition Shade | Zoeva - 228 Crease
Crease Colour | Sigma - E45 Small Tapered Blending
Lower Lash Line Colour | Zoeva - 230 Luxe Pencil
Lid Colours | Zoeva - 232 Classic Shader

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Porcelain Queen Archives | ELF Lipsticks | #1

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Recently I've been on an impromptu spending ban of sorts, since buying my first ever home, my money's been ear marked for none beauty essentials, this puts a limit on the amount of products I can review, so I thought I would start a couple of feature posts to keep my blog content fresh.

The first feature post was my 'Eye of the Day' series, (which you can see here), and the second series will be more reflective posts. I thought it would be fun to re-review my previously reviewed products, gosh that was a mouthful, and see what my thoughts are now, it gives you beauty lovers an idea on how long products last and if they still reside in my everyday makeup bag.

So looking back on my first ever review, I blogged about four +e.l.f. Cosmetics lipsticks, so catch up on the orginal review first, and then lets find out what I think of them now...
ELF Lip Stain | Red Carpet | £3.95

Top Centre - ELF Mineral Lipstick | Rich Raspberry | £5.00
Bottom Left - ELF Lipstick | Sociable | £1.95
Bottom Right - ELF Lipstick | Classy | £1.95

Left to Right | Sociable | Classy | Red Carpet | Rich Raspberry
Let me start off by saying for high quality low cost makeup, no brand can rival ELF, I have several staple products from ELF that I cant live without. I have bucket loads of ELF products and their lip products are among my favourite of their products, especially the £1.95 lipstick range.
I love fun and playful pink lip shades, so its no surprise that I own Sociable and Red Carpet, probably the two most bright and mischievous shades sold, however during the Autumn/Winter seasons, when I originally bought these products, I was trying out deep mauve and burgundy colours, that's where Rich Raspberry comes in.
After using these for months and months, I've come to appreciate the smooth buttery texture the lower priced lipstick range boasts, I find I can pull these products off even without balming my lips beforehand, whereas the Mineral lipstick is a much harder formula which seeks out my dry patches like a moth to a flame.
I find I wear Classy and Red Carpet the most, classy is similar to MAC Saint Germain, but has a more glossy pink finish. I wear Red Carpet on days where I want some serious pout power, it dries with a semi-matte finish, or can be glossed up with the handy clear gloss included, it has high grade staying power and will not budge all day. You can amp up the impact by pairing it with your favourite matching gloss, I opt to use my YSL Gloss Volupte (swatches here). I love pairing it with a classic black winged liner, as it makes the perfect alternative to a red lip.
If I was to jump behind the wheel of my DeLorean I would avoid purchasing Sociable and Rich Raspberry and invest in more of the gorgeous stains ELF have to offer.
I hope you enjoyed the first Porcelain Queen Archives, I will be doing this once a month, so if there's a product you want me to revisit or if your curious about whether I still use a specific item then let me know in the comments.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Black & Gold Eye Makeup Look | EOTD #1

Hi Beauty Lovers!

The past year has been a hell of a hectic one for me, and I didn't have time or the opportunity to play around with my makeup like I used to. Now having more free time on my hands and being on a tight budget I've started playing with the products I have instead of buying more, and that's when I created this gold cat eye look. The inspiration for this look came from my Sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow pigment, review and swatch here, I knew as soon as swatched it, I wanted to do a dramatic black and gold eye look.

Products Used //

Highlight Colour | Benefit - Tickle my Ivory
Transition Colour | Makeup Geek - Beaches and Cream
Crease Colour | Benefit - Hoola (bronzer) & Benefit - Kiss me I'm Tipsy
Wing & Outer V | Urban Decay - Oil Slick
Lid Colour | Sugarpill Cosmetics - Goldilux
Eyeliner | Illamasqua - Precision Gel Liner
Mascara | YSL Shocking
Lashes | Red Cherry - 43's


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sugarpill Chroma Lust Loose Eyeshadow Pigment | Review & Swatches

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend in the sunshine, I spent the weekend getting house interior inspiration at Ikea, who'd have thought Ikea was such a magical place.

Todays post features a couple of beautiful Sugarpill Cosmetics pigments in the shades, Asylum and Goldilux, which I purchased at IMATS last month. I was also lucky enough to see the founder and creator at the event, along with her bright and quirky team members.
Left - Goldilux | Right - Asylum

Sugarpill is a super fun cosmetic brand featuring insanely pigmented and exuberant eyeshadows, and down right girly packaging, their also listed on PETA's website as NOT testing on animals...YIPEE!

Asylum is a gorgeous deep cherry red with an intense shimmer finish, it looks down right beautiful against green eyes. Asylum chose me, as soon as I swatched it I knew I wasn't leaving without it, its just one of those peculiar shades that entices you and makes you part with your money.

Goldilux is one of their best sellers and I know why, its a high impact true gold shade, which looks perfect as an eye shadow or foiled as an eyeliner. I always obsess over a good gold shade pigment and this is the most pigmented product I've ever seen, so it obviously had to be mine.

Sugarpill are a cute and quirky Californian company who produce high quality and affordable products for those with a daring nature, their products are insanely pigmented and are a cert to turn heads. I guarantee they will have a pigment to catch your eye, and release your inner dare devil.

Each pot contains 5g and costs £8.50, to put that into perspective, that's half a gram more than MAC pigments, for £9.00 less.

Have you ever tried Sugarpill products?


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Benefit Benebalm | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back, today I have a very summer appropriate post, a few weeks ago my beautiful friend +Charlotte-Louise Thompson gave me a Benefit Benebalm as a surprise present, and like always I fell in love with my new product instantly.

I'm sure by now everyone and their cat has one of these delightful lip balms, however I literally can not get my mits on these anywhere, I've tried two airports, Benefit counters and even a Benefit shop...luckily I have an amazing friend who saw my disappointment gifted me one...yippee.
Swatch of Benefit's Cha Cha Benebalm

I think Benefit have outdone themselves with the packaging, I love, love, LOVE the peach tinted metal effect casing, it screams girlie sophistication. I think Benefit have really stepped up their game packaging wise, they seemed to have a phase of flawed products, but recently they've been knocking out one success after another.

 I  annoyingly suffer from dry lips, and even more annoyingly only a small fraction of lip balms actually moisturise my lips after the products absorbed, and  Cha Cha Balm is one of them, it has a surprisingly thick consistency with a beautiful peach/coral tint, urgh its perfection. The tint is very subtle and not buildable at all, however pair it with the Cha Cha tint for a perfect coral lip colour.

I've only had it a few weeks but already I love pairing it with thick winged eyeliner and a full set of lashes for a simple yet pretty summer daytime look.

 I seriously want them every single one...seriously!

Let me know which of the balms you want/need/have, I love to chat to you.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Welcome back beauties, firstly I want to apologise for slacking with my posts last week, but I had very good reasons, number one.. I bought a house and number two... I got a new job! And on top of all that I worked a 56 hour week, so all in all I was a very busy bee!

The first time I caught sight of this bristled beauty I knew that we were destined to have an unhealthy relationship. I'd heard a ridiculous amount of amazingly good reviews but annoyingly I could never get my hands on it, so when I saw it at IMATS I dived right on it.
There are so many things I love about this brush, from the perfectly sized handle to the white tipped bristles. Now lets chat about the bristles for a second, not only are they stupidly soft but they are also so densely packed that they literally blend your foundation away in seconds and make easy work of the awkward contours of your face. I love that the bristles are white tipped, its so satisfying seeing the bristles squeaky clean after each wash.

This brush makes your foundation routine so simple and has saved me precious minutes each morning, I most defiantly wont be turning back now I've discovered this brush.

So where can you buy this brush? Well you have a few choices, you can order through a UK stockist, however you don't have choice of the full selection, or you can bite the bullet and order direct from America and pay the import fees.

I'm really keen to build on my small collection of Sigma brushes, so fire your suggestions at me!


Thursday, 3 July 2014

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Todays post is a spur of the most type, I've recently started using my +NYX Cosmetics HD Photogenic Concealer and I've been blown away by how fabulous it is. I first bought this concealer waaaay back in May, but only recently starting using it, I was been money savvy you see.

The formula fits my skin perfectly, its thicker consistency and hydrating formula means it covers without caking, the shade is slightly lighter than my skin tone so subtly highlights whilst concealing, its just a perfect all rounder.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer - £6.00
It has a doe foot applicator, which I've come to prefer with concealers, it allows for precise application and control over the amount you apply. To keep the applicator as bacteria free as I can, I keep it well away from any breakouts, but for general concealing and highlighting, I dab it here there and everywhere.

This product comes in 12 shades, three of which are colour correcting shades, my shade is CW1 - Porcelain. Its great news for us fairer ladies, they have a variety of paler shades, so you too can find your perfect concealing and highlighting shade!

NYX have a few other products in their HD range, I'd be interested to try some of the other products, especially the HD Finishing Powder.

Have you tried anything from this range? Let me know your recommendations in the comments.



Tuesday, 1 July 2014


 Hi Beauty Lovers!

Happy 1st of July beauty lovers, I hope this month brings with it some well needed sunshine to the UK.

This weekend I had the pleasure of spending in London with Charlotte, the beauty behind Charlotte Louise Thompson, we packed our not so little weekend bags and headed to London for IMATS. This was my first time at IMATS and I was as giddy as a kipper, especially after seeing the thousands of blogger instagram snaps showing off their purchases.

The event was basically a huge free-for-all so any hopes of taking any decent pictures was dashed the minute we stepped inside the Olympia Exhibition Centre. Maybe next year I can get my paws on a press pass...

So beauty lovers here's a sneak peak of my favourite items that I bought, each item is worthy of it's own review, not to toot my own horn but I chose some pretty good products, so be on the look out for upcoming reviews. For a full list of products I bought keep reading...

Sigma Flat Kabuki - F80
Sugarpill Eye Pigments in Goldilux (left) and Asylum (right)
Eldora Individual Lashes - S309
Other items I bagged included several  Zoeva brushes, a couple more Sigma brushes, Ellis Faas Light Stick and an Inglot gel liner.
Who else went to IMATS this weekend? Let me know what you bought!
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