Friday, 20 June 2014

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler | Review

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Last month me and the boyf were pootling along the motorway to Leeds for a shopping trip and I'm telling him all about these crazy good eyelash curlers I really want but I don't know where they sell them, later on were pottering in Harvey Nichols and low and behold there's a Shu Uemura counter selling the exact eyelash curlers...fate? I think so! I jumped for joy when I was told Shu Uemura released the limited edition gold pair that very morning and I was the first person to buy a pair...YEY!

These beauties will curl your eyelashes longer than Jacks Bean Stalk, they are amazing! Now I know what you're thinking, what makes these eyelash curlers special? I'll let you onto a secret...they hold the curl all day, Shu Uemura will put this down to precisely engineered hinges, I put it down to makeup magic.

These particular curlers come with a replaceable 'Mushroom' shaped pad to protect your eyelashes, if used daily this will last 6 months and each pack comes with one replacement, so you can curl away for a year. Now what happens after a year is a crying shame, Shu Uemura do not sell replacement pads, they claim the metal hinges become worn down and ineffective, so yeah you guessed it, you need to buy a brand new pair.

This really irritates me because these are the best eyelash curlers I have ever used, but they come with a use by date, I'll have to remember to jot it in my diary every year...Mum's birthday...Dad's birthday...Rebuy eyelash's Birthday.

What are you thoughts on these curlers? Would you buy them knowing they have an expiration date?


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