Tuesday, 24 June 2014

High End Eye Creams vs High Street Eye Creams | Experiment

Hi Beauty Lovers!

I don't know if you noticed but two weeks ago I missed a post, the reason being I foolishly deleted the scheduled post whilst on holiday, one too many pina colada's I think. I've rewritten the post and given myself a second attempt to post it, if I delete it again I'll take it as a sign!

Way back in 2013 I gave myself a New Year's resolution, to start taking better care of my skin, well my face to be precise. I found myself some kick ass face care products, and stuck to my daily skin ritual. One aspect of my routine I became obsessed with was applying eye cream, I would examine my eyes on a daily basis and look for signs of improvement. From six months of use I can hand on heart say I've noticed a difference in my general eye area, I cant quite put my finger on what's different, but I myself know...weird.

I was lucky to have some seriously luxurious eye cream samples, Benefit It's Potent and Clinique All About Eyes, and these have been my cult favourites. I love the gel like consistency of Benefit's eye cream, that soon got lovingly lathered on my bags every morning, and Clinique's butter like formula gets dabbed on my peepers every night.

Sadly nothing lasts forever and I have come to an end of both these products. To replace them both would set me back a whopping £50, generous donations will be accepted *cough* Benefit *cough* Clinique.! To say my eyes know no different this seems one hell of an expense, this is where the experiment takes place...
I sauntered into Boots and purchased two cheap as chips eye creams for £1.50, one a gel like consistency to replace my beloved Benefit and the second a thick cream to substitute Clinique. I will use both these eye creams and see if I notice a difference in my peepers. I'm entering this experiment with a complete open mind and when enough time has passed I'll write a follow up post, so be on the look out, it could save you £50.

What do you think the results will be?


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