Sunday, 29 June 2014

An Ode to Eye Pigments | My Greatest Love

Hi beauty lovers!

As you probably fathomed from the title, todays post is very close to my heart. Eye pigments are my most favourite makeup product...ever! I love the versatility, blendability and most of all, the pigmentation. I thought I'd share with you my favourite pigments and why I love them so much.

Lets start with the colour crazy pigments, both which are obviously from MAC, my favourites include the bright pink Fushsia and the bright purple Violet! I love wearing these pigments under my lower lash line for a bright pop of colour or mixing it with a sealing gel to create a bold eyeliner.

Now for the pure liquid gold pigment, Utopia by Makeup Geek is my favourite pigment EVER...but ssh don't tell the others! When mixed with a mixing medium the plain looking powder transforms into a pure gold liquid.

Moving on to my favourite wearable brights these include Opera, Zen and Buddhaful by Zoeva. Opera is a gorgeous deep plum perfect for a sultry smoky eye. Zen is a forest green shade, perfect for spicing up a smoky eye. Buddaful is a beautifully weird golden olive colour.

And lastly the pigments I wear most are Champagne Beige by Zoeva and Golden and Angelic by ELF. Champagne Beige is a soft tan brown, Golden is slightly more jazzy with a hint of gold and Angelic a soft shimmery white.
L-R: Fushia | Violet |  Utopia | Opera | Zen | Buddhaful | Champagne Beige | Golden | Angelic
What are your favourite pigments?

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