Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hi Beauty Lovers!

I recently made a small purchase and received a parcel all the way from America, thumbs up for me making my first international makeup order!

Along with ordering some irresistible Makeup Geek products, review here I also ordered a handy Z-palette.

I've recently rearranged my makeup collection, only then did it dawn on me how much clutter I actually have. When I saw the Z-palettes I ordered the largest size and depotted the hell out of my eye shadows resulting in more space for more makeup...yey for girl logic!
 These palettes come in various sizes, patterns and various depths which is absolutely genius, this means you can depot 'baked' products which are typically domed.
These palettes are stocked in the UK, however it worked out cheaper for me to order it from Makeup Geek, however I wouldn't recommend this unless your making a large order.
Do you like the look of these? Let me know your thoughts.

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