Thursday, 15 May 2014

Red Cherry Lashes | Review | Part 1

Hi Beauty Lovers!

Today I'm sharing with you my latest obsession...Red Cherry Eyelashes. A few weeks ago I was casually scrolling through all the gorgeous makeup looks on Instagram and I saw a picture of someone wearing the #43 lashes and I instantly fell in love. I scoured the internet found a UK stockist, and to my surprise they were £2.99 a pair.
I bought three pairs, #DEL, #DW and #43.

The #DEL Pair
These are the most natural lashes I bought, I thought they would be perfect for every day, the lash band is completely clear with only a few spouts of lashes, this means you can get away without applying eyeliner to hide the band. I've been wearing these on days when I'm out in the day, there so much quicker to apply then loading my lashes with mascara. I love them.
The #DW Pair
These are my favourite pair, they are very similar to the #43 pair, but slightly more subtle. They have a clear lash band like the others, but the difference lies in the length and direction of the lashes, some are long and slanted that give a criss cross effect and some are short and forward facing, overall your left with the appearance of full but wispy lashes.
The #43 Pair
These are the thickest and fullest pair I bought, there so long and soft. I thought they would be perfect for a night out, or a special occasion when I wanted gorgeously thick, over the top lashes. The lash band is clear and each lash is individually attached to the band, meaning they can be worn with even the thinnest line of eyeliner.
I could not recommend these lashes enough, they are absolutely gorgeous at a price which could not be more budget friendly.

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